Animals Under My Needle

On my trip to Canon Beach last week my friend Linda and I stopped at Center Diamond quilt store on the way into town, like we always do. I bought  a few nice batiks and a couple pieces of Kaffe fabric, and then as I was checking out I saw these adorable Mia Charro panels of dogs and wild animals.

I couldn’t wait to make them into pouches!


These are made with blue chambray and linen as the main body of the pouch, with a batik frame around the panel and batik linings.

I just LOVE working with the linen and chambray! I love the way it looks and I also LOVE the structure and the way it turns out so tailored. I can’t get enough of it.

The panels are adorable! Really not like anything I’ve ever seen. I bought a third yard of each and will be able to get a LOT of pouches out of them.

the facial expression of these dogs just kills me!

dog panels

The colors in the wild animals are so vibrant. I’ll have fun putting together fabric combos. Lots of colorful options!

wild animals

I couldn’t wait to dig in and make a pouch from the hippo! She is so adorable. So I started looking through my stash and landed on this muted brassica color way from Philip Jacobs. This pouch is lined with Kaffe’s mille fiore. The frame around the hippo is blue chambray. I love how this turned out!


It’s got a zipper pocket on the back. I made it big enough to hold my iPhone.

Here’s a larger view of the two dog pouches. I love these with the batiks. I’ve got a lot of batik scraps left over from my three-pouch sets that are big enough to do the lining and frames on these. I love the batiks with these panels! And I just love the linen. It’s so nice in person… such a lovely texture. I’m going to be sad when I run out of it.


And of course, I have a real soft spot for terriers and LOVE this one with the blue chambray. I just love that fabric!


I have a friend coming over today to talk about quilting and felting, and then we’re going to go to lunch. I hope to finish the quilt back for my Kaffe hexagon quilt this afternoon. Then I’ll have three quilts ready for the long arm quilter. I’m also cutting the pieces for 12 batik pouch sets

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