Productive Weekend

I got a lot done this last weekend. I told myself that I wanted to get three quilt backs done so that I could get them all off to the long arm quilter. And I did it!


The bottom blue and green quilt is made from batiks and is a disappearing nine patch pattern. I made this a couple of years ago anticipating that my nephew would be getting married and I wanted to give them this as a gift. Well, they’ve finally announced a date. I’ve got plenty of time to get it done, but I want to check it off my list.

The middle quilt is the scrappy batik wonky log cabin quilt that I talked about in this post. It’s also the cover photo on this blog. I bought the backing for $4 a yard last summer in Salt Lake City. It’s sort of a small cow print in black and white. It’s really bold and fun and it will make this a wild quilt! It makes me very happy!

The top quilt is my Kaffe Fassett Collective hexagon quilt that I made this spring. You can see it in this blog post. I used my favorite tangerine paisley jungle for the back, and added some red Guinea Flower. I was originally thinking I wanted to use all the paisley, but the thought of matching the pattern on two long seams made me want to cry.

I’ll share photos of these quilts when they’re done. I hope my long armer hasn’t retired!

I also cut out the batiks for 12 three-pouch sets — that’s 36 pouches! Now that they’re cut I can easily sew a set in an hour or two. I plan to take the finished sets on vacation with me as I’ve had people request some to buy for gifts.


I’ve already completed two sets and have two more partially done. I had to stop because I didn’t have the right zippers. 100 new zippers on the way!

I just love these batiks! they are so bright and colorful!

On Sunday my friend Helen came over to spend a few hours and get some lunch. Helen is a maker who deals with knitting, felting, and dyeing and occasional sewing. She brought some lovely cotton fabric with her and we twisted, knotted, rolled and banded it all in preparation of indigo dye. I told her a few months ago that I wanted to cut some of her indigo dyed pieces and make something fun. So she did the right thing and got me involved in the process. She will do the actual dyeing when she has enough pieces to fill the vat. It will be a couple of months before I see the results of my work.


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