Social Distancing Quilt Top Done!

This might actually be the quickest quilt top I’ve ever made. And it’s one of my favorites.


I had planned to finish up this quilt top last weekend since I only had a few horizontal seams left to sew. And those seams are really quick because the blocks are so big — there aren’t a lot of seams to line up. I am a died-in-the-wool pinner when it comes to sewing rows of blocks together. So the fewer intersections I have to manage, the happier I am!

I typically sew rows together in sets of two, then I sew those sets together. And then sew the resulting pieces together. This makes it a little easier to manage all the bulk. I really don’t love maneuvering all that bulk through a sewing machine.

This shows the bottom half of the quilt top done. It’s two sets of two rows, then those two sets sewn together. The three rows at the top had not been sewn together when this photo was taken. Hi Bender!

I like to accordion-fold my pinned rows to make a more compact strip that I have to move under my needle.

This shows the final block being sewn onto a row. I’ve accordion folded the rest of the row to make it more manageable.
This shows two completed rows all pinned and accordion folded to help me get it all through the machine straight. I put this folded pile in my lap and feed it through the machine from there.

I had so much fun making this quilt top because the fabrics are just amazing and it went together really quickly! The colors are so vibrant and the large prints are so dynamic. I love that the blocks are irregular — the fabric designs are not carefully organized within each block. I love that it’s very organic and not overly manipulated. I think that’s part of what makes it work.


I’m in the middle of my third week of working from home. It’s been really busy and stressful. My internet the first week worked really well, and the last week it all went to hell. I couldn’t do much of anything that required the internet… which is pretty much everything these days! It took me several days to just reach a person at Centurylink. And finally, I had new internet installed yesterday. I really didn’t like the idea of having to bring someone into my home when I’ve been so careful about staying isolated. But I really didn’t have much of a choice… I have to be able to work.

And my new internet is screaming fast! It’s going to take some time for me to stop being startled by it!

I spent a little bit of time making a few face masks last weekend. I made six masks out of my substantial stack of batik scraps and still don’t have the pattern adjusted to where I like it. I got another pattern from a friend that I’m going to try this weekend. It’s really fitted and has less bulk. The pattern is pretty simple.


When I first told my dogs that I’d be working from home, they thought it would be a lot more fun. Not sure who is having more fun here!


Rico (with that big old ear) is a pretty chill guy. He slept on the bed next to me for a good portion of the day today. Bender, on the other hand, spends a good portion of the day gated out of my makeshift office. He just won’t leave me alone and I can’t concentrate on work with him shoving toys at me and climbing on me. He occasionally gets to make an appearance during a video meeting.

And once in awhile, he’ll take a nice nap.


Sometimes, this is my view as I work….




13 Replies to “Social Distancing Quilt Top Done!”

  1. Oh my! That last Rico view – LOL !!! That would be kinda distracting! He’s a cutie, love the napping picture :). Your quilt is beautiful and the black cornerstones really sets it off. And…I spy a cool dog collage in the making – awesome! Has it been hard to do? It looks like you made the pleated face mask, love the batik. Have you tried the shaped one? I have made both and the shaped one is a bit easier not having to sew over pleats. I found a good one on Becky Goldsmith’s blog – Piece O Cake, search face mask and it comes up. I am making for relatives and neighbors 🙂


    1. I have three dog collages in the works… unfinished state for literally years. The one you can see in the photo is made from aboriginal fabrics. It’s really cool. I need to finish it. I need to finish all of them! thanks for the heads up on the mask pattern. I like the full coverage of the one I made, and it was easy to put together, but I want to try a more fitted one. I got another pattern from a friend but haven’t made one yet. It’s a little complicated. I’ll check out the one you sent. Thanks!


    1. Thanks! I tried several black and white options for the sashing, but I liked the way this on reads almost grey from a distance, but close up there’s all kinds of movement and variation. Such fun fabrics to work with!


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