Itching to Get Cutting

I’m still thinking about fabrics for my next quilt. I’ve ordered a few missing pieces to fill out this selection of fabrics.


I think I’m only missing one piece of what I ordered. As soon as that arrives I can get started.

I’ve decided that I’m going to use these fabrics for the Moss Garden quilt. Here it is with the fabrics specified by the pattern.

moss garden

The solid blocks and nine patch blocks are 9.5 inches so this will work up fast. The pattern is free from Free Spirit Fabrics. You can find a pdf of it here. I haven’t decided yet how big this quilt will be. I might go ahead and make it a queen size if I’ve selected enough fabrics. I already have a big piece of fabric for the backing and have plenty for a bigger quilt.

While I’m waiting for my last pieces of fabric to arrive I’ve started looking at fabrics from my stash for a yellow quilt. I’ve wanted to make a yellow quilt for awhile. These fabrics aren’t final and I have a few pieces on order. Some of these will probably be deleted and I have a few other pieces I’m considering. A friend of mine is sending me a piece from her stash that I haven’t been able to find online.


Look at all that fantastic color! It’s amazing to me that you can have all that gorgeous color and still see clearly that this will be a yellow quilt. I recently purchased a big piece of yellow feathers that I’ll use for the backing.

I’m thinking about making the Yellow Pot Pourri quilt in Kaffe’s Simple Shapes book, but using my own selection of fabrics.


This quilt is made up of three different size pieces that are assembled almost randomly to make larger blocks. I haven’t decided if I’m going to follow the very detailed drawing in the book, or if I’m going to design my own block using several different size squares and rectangles to make up a bigger block to get a similar effect. I’d like to make the block to it sews together with no need to match any seams as the blocks are joined together. After struggling so much with my scrappy hexagon quilt, I’m craving something that will go together easily.

It’s been hot here this week. That means that our mid day walks have been a little shorter since the dogs get so hot. I also worry about them burning their feet on the pavement when it’s really hot. We’ve also been taking our evening walks a little later when it cools down. I’m already noticing that it’s getting darker a little earlier each day. This always makes sad each year because I just love the long summer evenings. I wish we could have that beautiful evening light all year long.

We had our agility lesson tonight. It’s about a 20 mile drive for me to get there, so by the time I get home it’s completely dark. After our lesson tonight I took the dogs for a walk around the campus of Clackamas Community College, which is near where I have my lessons. The sunset was amazing!


We’ve had gorgeous sunsets this summer. I wonder if I’m just noticing more of them because I see them as I’m out walking the dogs each night.

I’m taking next week off for some needed vacation time. I’m planning on doing a few day trips… at least one drive out to the coast and a nice long walk on the beach. Then a couple of hike days. Maybe head up the Columbia River Gorge for a day trip. The dogs would love a swim or two in the rive.  And then I plan on getting a lot of sewing done.

I’m excited to get going on all these gorgeous fabrics!


6 Replies to “Itching to Get Cutting”

  1. What an enviable stash of Kaffe’s! Whatever you decide to make will be wonderful, I’m sure. I’m glad that you’re taking some vacation time also. All work and no vacation makes AJ a dull girl. Have a grand time and stay safe – wear a snazzy mask and distance from people.

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  2. Love your fabrics for both your quilts. I love using yellow in my quilts…but a whole quilt of it, oh boy! Can’t wait to see that one go together. Enjoy your week off! I’ve been at the coast for most of the last two weeks and the weather is perfect for you and the dogs. Today is the first day of overcast.

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    1. I’m really looking forward to a few hours on the beach. It will really be a nice boost! And it’s a really easy day trip for me. Of course, the dogs are crazy about it!


  3. I made Kaffe’s yellow quilt and with my own choices for fabric. I rather enjoyed following his fairly complicated drawing of the order of shapes in the quilt. I ended up adding a long panel with a few added stars to one side because I thought it was a little narrow and I didn’t do the borders. I just wanted to play with the puzzle of pieces, my fun instead of crossword puzzles or Sudoku.

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    1. Funny you mention this because I was just looking at that graph with the pattern a little while ago and was thinking I might go ahead and try to follow it. It will be an interesting exercise after doing the rather brainless Moss Garden quilt. And I really love the little pop of turquoise they put in the narrow vertical borders. And yes… that quilt is an odd shape — narrow and really long. I would adjust that as well.


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