Moss Garden Moving Along

The big old blocks really go fast. I spent a couple hours on this quilt this afternoon and evening and have gotten a lot done. Tomorrow, I’ll tweak the arrangement of the blocks, and will move two of these rows to my second design wall and then add the final two rows. nine

I might remove one or two fabrics that I’m not loving in this quilt. But I want to think about it before I make that rash decision.

This quilt will be nine blocks by nine blocks, plus a border.It should end up being a queen size quilt.

One of the people I hiked with yesterday is Heather, an excellent photographer who loves to take photos of dogs. She got some great ones of my dogs.


Bender is an expert level poser. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad photo of him. He will sit and pose for as long as you like, and he’s just so handsome that you can’t help but take a good photo.


Rico is very handsome in a different way. He is a beef cake! He’s all twisted steel and sex appeal. And he’s so sweet.


The dogs ran their hearts out yesterday! And all those dogs just get along so well. So nice to have dogs who you can just toss out there together and they are all fine.


And then these handsome boys. What can I say about these guys? They’re pretty amazing!

Today we went for Rico’s weekly sheep herding lesson and he was amazing! I wish it was easier to post a video here.



4 Replies to “Moss Garden Moving Along”

    1. Bender used to do training. He was doing really well and had just started competing in agility when he started having seizures, shortly before he turned 3. He was diagnosed as epileptic. He had a full year of seizures before we got his medications figured out. And now he’s 3.5 years seizure free. But the medications affect him and he’s somewhat uncoordinated and overly excitable. So we do a little training for fun, but nothing serious. He mostly gets to have the fun without all the work!


    1. I agree! but there are a couple pieces of fabric in this that I’m questioning. One will be removed today and replaced with something that feels better. I keep trying to convince myself that it’s ok, but it keeps bothering me. So out it goes!


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