I Came. I Tweaked. I Conquered.

I dug in this afternoon and finished the last nine 9-patch blocks for the final two rows of this Moss Garden quilt and got them, along with the last nine ten inch squares up on the design wall. I also moved two of the previous rows to my second design wall since one is not big enough for a queen size quilt. I’m able to get the horizontal rows needed on the wall, but I can’t get the width. fin1

To do the final tweaking of the quilt top, I take two photos and put them together in a document to get one view of the entire top. Here are the two photos that were combined for the one image above. Click on the images to get a bigger view.

This final tweaking is the most frustrating part of making a quilt top for me. It seems like if I find an issue I want to fix, when I move a block to fix it I make a whole new problem somewhere else. Eventually, I just have to say, “that’s good enough.”

The blocks near the bottom of the quilt aren’t as dark as they appear. I keep looking at this on the design wall and that darkness just isn’t really there. It’s all due to lighting and camera angle.

I made a couple of tweaks to this layout after I took these photos. And now I’m done. I’ll start sewing the blocks together tomorrow evening. Once it’s all together, I’ll get some better photos.

I have a pretty good pile of scraps left over from this quilt. I’m already thinking of my next scrap quilt. I have some ideas for a string quilt made from KFC fabrics. I’ve been drafting out some sample block ideas and it looks like it might be fun. I’ll share more later this week after I have some time to give it a little more thought.


… around a dozen ten-inch blocks, a stack of 3.5 inch squares, and some WOF pieces that may get cut into 2.5 inch strips and put away.

The new Kaffe Fasset book that I ordered, Quilts in Burano, arrived early this evening. I haven’t had a chance to go through it in too much detail yet, but it’s always inspiring to get a new Kaffe book!



5 Replies to “I Came. I Tweaked. I Conquered.”

  1. I’m liking it! Will be happy to see it all sewn together. I used this design a long time ago but the Kaffe fabrics are much darker and I don’t like it as well as yours. I just recently purchased Quilts in Morocco and like several of the ideas in there. So much Kaffe fabric, so little time!


    1. I agree! Sometimes I’ll just grab all my Kaffe books and sit down on the patio with a good cup of coffee on a weekend morning. So much inspiration… interesting color and fabric combinations. I get my money’s worth the first time I crack open a new book!


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