20 Stars Done and a Nice Afternoon

I finished the final five stars for this Kaffe Fassett Collective Lucky Stars quilt this evening. I had thought I’d get more done today, but decided instead to go and visit a friend and her litter of puppies.

I’m pretty happy that I made all 20 blocks and only made one mistake.

Oops. Luckily, I just picked out the stitches and sewed the piece on correctly.

Tomorrow I’ll trim all these blocks to 9.5 inches square and then will get them arranged and all spaced out on the design wall. Once I have an arrangement I like I’ll start adding the rectangles. That’s when it will really get fun!

I had planned to spend most of my day working on this quilt, but decided this morning that I wanted to go visit a friend that I haven’t seen since the pandemic started. She bought a new property and started a new job south of Salem around the first of the year and I hadn’t even seen her new home. The bonus is that she has a litter of 7 week old border collie puppies that will go to their homes next weekend and I hadn’t seen them yet. You might not know this, but I really love puppies! I’m kind of known for it.

So I headed down there at around 1:00 and got to her house around 2:00.

It was really what I needed. Her place is wonderful, located on a beautiful hillside with amazing views. I spent over three hours visiting with her, walking around her property, I ate a gorgeous apple right off the tree, Rico got to do a little herding work with her three crazy sheep, and of course, I got to play with puppies. I even had one fall asleep on my lap while two others slept at my feet! Squee!

I’m so glad I went down for a badly needed visit. I spent three hours and got home around 6:30.

Back to work tomorrow. Another busy week with our fall radio membership drive going on right now. It’s a lot of work, a lot of stress and a lot of pressure.

16 Replies to “20 Stars Done and a Nice Afternoon”

    1. It was very therapeutic to love on some adorable puppies. But it was also really wonderful to see my friend that I haven’t seen for many months, and spend time outdoors on a gorgeous day in a beautiful place. I really needed it.


  1. Hi… love your stars quilt project ! And the puppies !
    Does that design feature in Kaffe books and if so, could you please tell me which one as I’d love to sew this design.
    Thanks 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw… so very kind of you.. I didn’t realise it wasn’t a KC one !
        Thank you very much from UK … I look forward to starting cutting and sewing.
        All your quilts are stunning; I love watching the progress and seeing your results.

        Liked by 1 person

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