52 Starburst Blocks Done

I didn’t do any sewing over the weekend until Sunday night. But I’ve been flying since then and I have 52 Sunburst blocks done. I’m having so much fun making these blocks! I love the free form piecing. It’s relaxing and I love that every block is unique. Here’s 40 blocks.

I need to move these blocks to my larger design wall, but I’m not going to do that until I finish up the batik Jewel Box quilt and get it off the design wall. I don’t want to take it down when it’s in pieces. I’m just not very motivated to finish it. I have several other projects I want to make and that brown thing is not on the list!

Here’s the last twelve blocks that I made tonight.

I was thinking this would be a throw size quilt top, but my brother told me the other day how much he loves my sunburst quilt. This is the brother who goes through life wearing brown, grey, and khaki. So I’m thinking I might make this a queen size quilt for their bed. I have plenty of sunbursts and plenty of scraps.

I’ve been on a short vacation this week, taking Monday, Tue and Wed off. So a nice five day stretch.

It started on Saturday when some friends and I drove up to the Olympia, Washington, area to have a sheep herding lesson and spend some time working sheep on our own. It was a great day, but I nearly froze my patootie off! Rico had a great lesson! I anticipated that he would be really fired up and wild in a new place on new sheep, but he was amazing! He is so talented. I just love watching him work sheep. There’s nothing quite like watching a dog do what they’re bred to do.

Here’s some video my friend took of Rico working during his lesson, if you’re inclined to watch some.

Sunday I had a lazy day at home and in the afternoon I hopped in the car to go and pick up some dog food and realized I had a flat tire. I could see a screw sticking out of it. I’m so glad that I got home from Olympia before this happened!

So I called AAA to come and fix it. I had planned to spend Monday at the coast because it was the best weather of the days I have off, but instead had to spend it getting my tire repaired. Unfortunately, the screw hit the tire in a bad place and it couldn’t be repaired, so I had to buy a new tire. So no trip to the coast for me this week.

I made my monthly trip to Costco this morning and then had to figure out how to get it all into my freezer and fridge. Then I loaded up the dogs and headed west to take a walk on the Banks Vernonia Trail — a rails to trails state park. I figured there wouldn’t be many people out there since it was a bit rainy today. We walked for six miles and didn’t see another person until we were almost back to the car.

It was absolutely gorgeous. . . leaves all over the trail. Birds singing. Nice cool weather for walking. We didn’t get much rain to speak of, but did have water fall on us when the breeze blew through the trees. The dogs had a blast and are sleeping well tonight.

There are some really gorgeous places around Portland. Here’s a view we saw before we got back to the main highway. I just had to stop and take a photo.

Tomorrow is the last day of my short vacation. I think I’m going to take the dogs up to the Columbia for a long walk and a good swim. Then back to work for a short week.

23 Replies to “52 Starburst Blocks Done”

  1. That Jewel Box quilt is definitely not YOU! There’s nothing worse than making yourself work on a quilt you really don’t like. Just get the blocks sewn together and off the design wall. Make something that’s FUN!

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    1. I always have to cut blue strips for my scrap quilts. It’s just not a favorite color of mine and I rarely use it in quilts. The blue portion of my Kaffe stash is pretty pathetic. But these scrappy blocks need that rich blue!


  2. If you ever try another jewel box quilt, check out this amazing video tutorial. Pure quaint genius and the four patches really are perfect!
    Part two is great for putting the blocks together flawlessly.
    And the way she disposes of trimmings is unforgettable!

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    1. I am going to make another out of KFC fabrics. I had actually seen part 1 of this video a few weeks ago. She really makes it easy for it all to go together. I especially like how she presses her seams so it all goes together nicely. Thanks!


  3. I love your sunburst blocks … it will be a gorgeous quilt … I am back to quilting after a long time off following family illnesses and sad times … LOVE LOVE the dogs and the photos in this post … especially the one on the trail of the pups … my son lived in Portland for 13 years (melanoma took him in 2013) … I loved being there … such a beautiful place and also a great city overall … so my question is what Sunburst colorway (s) are you using in your quilt and do you know where they are available. Thank you .. happy sewing and enjoy your dogs … I love a colorful life (ha ha meaning quilting) while hanging out with dogs … I have five … I live in Seacoast New Hampshire … another beautiful place. Thank you kindly !!! holly Gleason

    Oh oh … and do you have sheep for wool? I am also very into wool fabrics … rug hooking and wool applique … I loved visiting the quilt shops and Pendleton outlet stores while in the Portland, Oregon area (I live one hour from the other Portland (Maine) …


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    1. I’m glad you’re back to quilting. It’s really been one of the few things that is getting me through all this in one piece. The sunburst I’m using is the bright colorway. But the yellow would be really pretty too… or the blue! I bought some recently from Tennessee Quilts at https://www.tennesseequilts.com/

      they have three different color ways. I think this fabric is out of print now, so if you find some, you beter buy some!

      I don’t have any of my own sheep but I do love wool! I used to knit, but it’s so hard on my hands that I don’t do much any more. I knit a few hats each year, but that’s about it. I also used to do some felted wool pieces with needle felted embellishments. I would knit or crochet bags and pouches and needle felt different designs on them. Again, so hard on my hands. But I just love the felted wool.


    1. That’s a good idea. It’s already pretty small, but I was going to put a couple of borders on it. I might hold off on that since I don’t really have a purpose for this. I have it half finished. It goes pretty quickly… I just need to do it!


  4. You do know your sunburst blocks are out-of-this-world gorgeous, right??? I love the center and wonder if this is from a particular fabric (maybe reading previous posts would answer that). I’ve made a few quarter log cabin projects from scraps and they are among my favorites!
    duchick at gmail dot com

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  5. Where are you going to use your quilt? It is so awesome, it needs to be where everyone can see it. Your fur babies are precious. They love pleasing you as much as you like watch them do well. Stay healthy and safe.

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    1. I don’t really have a plan for this quilt, but my brother (who lives in greys, browns and khaki) went on and on about how he loves it. So I might make it for him and his wife to brighten up their winter. And my dogs are sweeties! Can’t imagine living without them!


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