Here Comes the Sun!

My favorite day of the year is the day the time changes in the spring. I just love the long light in the evenings in the summer. This day tells me that time is coming and that winter is on the way out. Unfortunately, it was rainy all day here in Portland so I didn’t get the wonderful sensation of sun at 7 pm. I will get that tomorrow.

I didn’t have a terribly productive weekend as far as sewing goes. I did finish the final eight blocks for my ice storm quilt.

Now I need to finish sewing the scrappy KFC trip quilt blocks together so I can get that off the design wall and get this one up.

After I finished these blocks tonight I wanted some mindless sewing so I whipped up ten more sunburst quarter log cabin blocks.

I really need to measure what I already have done for this quilt and figure out how many more blocks I need before I make more. I should be close to having what I need for the main part of the quilt top. Plus, I’m actually seeing the end to my pile of KFC fabric strips! I thought that would never happen!

You can see more about this quilt here, here and here.

I really enjoy making these blocks. It’s all very free form, nothing is precise, and the way they go together means that no seams have to match. It’s the perfect sewing to do at night when you want to sew but don’t want something complicated and precise.

On Friday after work I sorted through all my KFC fabrics and got them all back in their drawers… including all the new fabric that his been stacked up on my sewing table for months.

A few months ago I had virtually NO blue KFC fabrics. I guess I took care of that problem!

Saturday I had my regular sheep herding lesson up in Battle Ground, Washington, and Rico did an amazing job, as he usually does! He’s so talented. Then we hightailed it down to Mollala, Oregon, for another lesson with a different trainer. And again, Rico was amazing.

While in Molalla we took the opportunity to have a nice run in a big field between our turns on the sheep. When we were all done we took a nice walk on BLM land before we headed home. The dogs had a blast running around and it’s really good for me to spend some time in the forest.

The sun coming through the trees was so beautiful.

Saturday was an absolutely amazing sunny and warm day. I’m so glad that I got to spend almost the entire day outdoors. It was just what I needed after another stressful work week.

Rico was so exhausted from all his activity during the day that he could hardly keep up during our after-dinner walk! He certainly slept well last night!

6 Replies to “Here Comes the Sun!”

  1. It’s so good to see the scrappy Log Cabin blocks up on the wall. Another beautiful Kaffe quilt – and as I always say “let the fabric do the work”. I’ve pulled quite a few fabrics for my own version of Ice Storm so I want to see your blocks up on the wall. Today I plan to prepare some of those fabrics to run thru my Accuquilt cutter. I’ve had a little frenzy of card-making, but today – I want to sew! I’m so inspired by your work Annie.

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    1. I’m so glad you’re itching to get sewing! YOu much feel better! I had a few days without the drive to sew, but I’m back now. Spent a lot of time during long calls today pinning rows of blocks together. Such a great way to keep my hands busy while my head is occupied!

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    1. I would love to put a GPS tracker on my dogs. I think that they run at least three times as far as I walk. so If I walk for six miles on the beach, they’ve probably run at least 15-18 miles! They love their walks, but there’s nothing like their off leash field, trail or beach run!

      I’m dedicated to continue walking five miles each day. I do a two-mile walk mid day, to get me away from my desk and clear my head. Then a three mile walk at night. Total time is about 1.5 hours a day. We’re all happier when we get our walk!

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