Chunking Away at UFOs

I had two long Zoom calls on the schedule today that involved a lot of listening and not much talking, so I planned ahead and made sure I had some sewing work ready to go to keep my hands busy while my brain was occupied.

So I pulled out my scrappy batik sixteen patch blocks and got all ten rows pinned together.

It’s funny to me, but I find pinning these blocks sort of meditative. And there’s something very satisfying about feeling those nested seams “click” together! I love it!

After our walk tonight I ran to the grocery store and did my month’s staple shopping. I like to go this time of night because there are so few people in the store. And now I’m set for a while.

When I got home I hit the sewing room and sewed together all those ten rows that I pinned earlier today.

They’re all numbered, stacked up and accordion folded. I’ll save pinning the rows together for my next long Zoom call. I have a few webinars coming up later this week.

Here’s all these batik blocks on the design wall back in January.

It was another nice day today but we didn’t have a ton of sun. “Fake Spring” is almost over. We have a couple more days of nice weather and then we’ll go back to rain for as far out as the forecast goes. The gorgeous weather we’ve had the last few days really has me hankering for real spring!

This time of year can be so beautiful in Portland. My flowering plum is blooming, as are my flowering pear trees. The bright yellow blooms on my forsythia are just opening and will be in their full glory in a few days. The first of my daffodils opened today.

Here’s my boys on our afternoon walk today… posing in front of someone else’s daffodils.

11 Replies to “Chunking Away at UFOs”

  1. Howdy from Brisbane, Australia. I love getting your posts, and seeing your progress on the many projects you have going. The weather is looking lovely, the boys seem so happy in front of those gorgeous daffodils. Cheers, Betty

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  2. Wow looks fantastic I’m not machine piecing at the moment sore knee but hopefully soon will get back into it
    Went to a Saturday workshop in Denman hunter valley nsw was a lovely day will send u a couple of photos the yellow and green one is mine the other one more masculine my friend Barbara did for her husband they start out as striped fabric

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    1. Kerrie; I hope you can get to sewing soon. I made a mess of my hip a few years ago because my sewing room chair was set way too high. It took a long time to get better.

      If you sent photos with this response, I did not receive them. I would love to see what you made. Please send them to me at

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