More Scrappy Sunburst Blocks… More Stress

I’m plugging along on making these scrappy sunburst KFC blocks. I finished up nine after my dog training lesson tonight. So I’m up to 32 blocks total. It’s helping me stay away from watching the news about the presidential vote count. But I’m still stressed. I find myself gritting my teeth throughout the day.

I’m really loving this quilt. It’s so funny to me how I can think about a quilt for months, wondering if it will work, how it will work, how it will all come together. And then BAM! There it is! Up on my design wall.

Holy cow! KFC scraps do make a really pretty quilt1

I’m just putting these blocks up as I finish them. I’ll need to eventually move them all to the larger design wall and spend some time arranging them. Then I have to figure out what I’m going to do with the setting triangles. I’m thinking I’ll just make the same blocks, but a little bigger, and then cut them in half to finish the edges. We’ll see once I get to that point, but I’m guessing that’s where this will go.

So yummy!

We’ve had such a gorgeous fall here in Portland. October was essentially rain free, and every day was prettier than the last.

Look at those trees against that amazing blue sky. GAH!

I planted this little red maple tree a couple of years ago. This is its third fall foliage. I just love this tree. It’s exactly the color that I was hoping for when I selected it.

I noticed yesterday that it’s actually grown quite a bit since I planted it. They have a saying around here for when you plant trees and how you can expect them to grow: First year sleep. Second year creep. Third year leap. And it’s true. This was its third summer and it really had a growth spurt.

And after this amazing fall season, the rain started today. This rainy season will last until May or June. The winters in Portland are mild in temperature, but we do get A LOT of rain. Here’s what our next tend days looks like. And this is pretty much what the next eight months will look like.

I’m glad Saturday and Sunday are nice. I’m heading up to Washington with a friend this weekend for a sheep herding lesson in a new place. Rico is getting close to being ready to enter his first trial, but we need to get him to a new place on new sheep first and see if he can do what he can do at our regular place.

I’m taking Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off next week prior to the end of year fundraising period getting started. It’s a killer time for us and I need to refresh a little first. I’m hoping to drive out to the coast and spend a few hours on the beach. Not sure the weather is going to let us do that.

A Fun and Scrappy Diversion

I’m so stressed and so unenthusiastic about the quilt I’ve been working on that I sat down with some Kaffe sunburst fabric and a box of Kaffe scraps tonight and started sewing. Phew. I feel better already. And here’s what happened…

The photo doesn’t show the colors as bright as they are in person. That’s one of the challenges of taking photos late at night. But I just LOVE how this is turning out!

I’ve wanted to use these fantastic little sunburst squares for a quilt like this for some time. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long. I thought I’d make a couple of blocks tonight, but whipped up these nine in no time.

I recently purchased a yard of several color ways of the sunburst fabrics to add to what I already had in my stash. It’s no longer in production and it’s pretty fantastic! I’ll have enough for a few other future projects.

Each sunburst is almost 4 inches square. They’re not precise, so if you demand precision you might want to stay away from this fabric!

I have a love for scrappy quilts and with these amazing KFC fabrics, they are even more fun. I love it when my sewing room has piles of scraps everywhere!

Oh, and I’m making even SMALLER scraps that will be perfect for more crumb piecing!

I’m really going to have to force myself to finish that drab batik quilt I have on my design wall…