Seventy Sixteen-Patch Blocks Done

I have a total of seventy blocks for this scrappy 16-patch quilt done. The blocks shown here are only half of my completed blocks.

There is a duplicate of each of these in a stack on my cutting table. My plan is to make this quilt 9 blocks by 10 blocks, which will be around 70 x 80 when it’s finished.

I’m really enjoying making this quilt. I’ve loved putting the sets of fabrics together for each block and I’ve found the assembly and sewing to be really satisfying and relaxing. I’m pretty surprised I’m feeling this about matching all those corners!

I’ve been getting a lot done, but I don’t feel like I’m really pushing myself. I’m trying to be really efficient in making these, so I’m doing them fives strip sets at a time.

I get the sections cut out of each strip set and then assemble all ten blocks before I move onto the next set of strips. Half of them go up on the design wall and half go into the stack.

I’m making sure I finish the duplicates of each block rather than putting them aside for later because I know this would be the path to another unfinished quilt. So rather than have to sit down at the end and assemble all the duplicate blocks, when I’m done with the last strip set, I’m done with the blocks.

I really like a lot of the blocks in this quilt, but I’m pretty sure this is my favorite.

I’ve always loved those two fabrics, but I’m not sure I would have ever thought of putting together. But they are pretty fantastic! And obvious. But the combo never crossed my mind.

And can I point out how good my corners look? I can’t believe how well these are going together!

My birthday flowers have been here for three weeks and they are now just barely starting to fade. I’ve never had cut flowers last this long.

I had to go into the office last night to drop of something for a co-worker to pick up so took the opportunity to snap a photo of my boys in front of the building. They were so excited until they realized it was just a photo op.

10 Replies to “Seventy Sixteen-Patch Blocks Done”

  1. Darn it all! Now you have inspired me to make a 16 patch quilt of Kaffe’s! I make them the same way you do. It is mindless – after you’ve made the pairings and the cutting. Stress free is good. I’ve finished the first phase of my Jelly Roll Race project and it’s looking good. Today is another bad weather day, so I’ll be sewing. Your blocks that are up on the design wall are fabulous!

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    1. Thanks again Betty! I have all kinds of plans to make more of these. I’m thinking of a batik version, and also a more involved trip around the world version with 36 patches!. So many ideas!


  2. Good morning! I sure enjoy your posts; your quilting prowess and color sense, your pups, and your attitude!! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

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    1. They often get to play ball in a park adjacent to our building. I’m sure they were thinking that’s why we were there. To manage their disappointment, they did get some yummy salmon treats for posing.


  3. Now it’s more interesting to get an OPB fundraising letter knowing oh, it’s THAT Anne Ibach! I always think hmm, I bet she’d rather be quilting or out with the dogs instead of in the office. But thank you for the good work you do! (I’ve been a member forever.). And of course the quilts!!!!

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    1. Thank YOU Susan!!! I’m lucky that I really do like my job and work with really amazing people. So working is a pleasure! It’s funny, but when I’m out and about in Quilt stores (in the olden days when we could do that!) people would recognize my name from OPB and from my posts on the Kaffe Fassett Collective page on Facebook! Thanks for your membership too!!! Our members are so amazing!


    1. I moved to Portland 10.5 years ago for my job at OPB. And it’s funny… I”ve worked in public broadcasting since 1992 and have managed to stay off of TV until now! It’s not my favorite thing!!


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