36 Batik Strip Sets

I took Rico for his sheep herding lesson this morning and then took the boys for a nice four mile walk and field run before we headed home. After an early dinner I sat down and started chunking away at the scrappy batik 16 patch strip sets. And I got all 36 sets sewn and pressed.

I really like some of the fabric combos in these blocks. This is going to be a fun quilt.

There are a few combos in there that I’m a little iffy about, but I’m not going to toss them out until I see them with the rest of the blocks.

Here’s one of my favorite combos. I can remember when I bought that spotted fabric. I still just love it!

Tomorrow I plan to sew all green batik blocks together. It should go fast because the blocks are big and there are only five rows. But there are a lot of seams to match. Then I plan to work on finishing up the blue 16 patch blocks.

I’m going to force myself to wait on these batik blocks until those two projects are checked off.

4 Replies to “36 Batik Strip Sets”

  1. Yes, I would find it very hard not to want to play with these fabrics too. LOVE the fuschia and lime green spotted strips together in first sets photo, next to the orangey ones. I am a fuschia/lime girl 🙂


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