On a New Impulsive Jag

When I looked through my batik scraps the other night for strips to add to my green impulse quilt I realized I had almost enough strips to make another sixteen patch quilt.

So tonight, although I promised myself I’d finish up my blue KFC 16 patch blocks first, I paired up a bunch of batik strips and started sewing the strips together. Another impulse… but that’s where the fun is!

This will be another bright quilt. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that. There are some really cool combos of fabrics. It will be fun to see it once some of the blocks start coming together.

I sewed sixteen strip sets together tonight. I haven’t pressed them yet. I’ll probably get a lot done on these strip sets tomorrow afternoon. And Monday is a holiday so I’ll have more time this weekend to be productive.

These poor dogs seemed to know today was Friday.

They were done with me working at around 3:00 and were letting me know they thought it was time to call it a day.

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