A Very Responsible Evening of Sewing

I was going to start working on my sea glass wall hanging tonight, but I decided I wasn’t feeling very confident about the size I had written down that would make this the right size to cover my friend’s electrical panel. I messaged her to see if she would measure it and she said she would measure it tomorrow. So I needed something to work on.

I sat down and plowed through the remaining 21 blue 16-patch blocks and got them all up on the design wall.

I haven’t looked at it very closely yet and I’m sure there are a few blocks I’ll want to move around. But overall, it’s not bad for the first attempt.

Here’s a little eye candy…

I had a four hour video call for work today so I had some handwork ready to keep my hands busy while my mind was occupied. I got all these blocks pinned and ready to sew and that made the final assembly go really fast tonight.

I also cut out all the remaining shapes for the sea glass quilt I’m going to make and sorted each color by value. I couldn’t resist putting some of these pieces out on the cutting table tonight to see how they look. I’m going to like this!

I’m noticing that we have more light in the evenings. It’s still dark early, but I took this photo tonight at about 5:15. It was just a few weeks ago when it was dark at 4:30 in the afternoon.

I got up early this morning and made some chicken tortilla soup in my crock pot. It was really easy and smelled so good all day. Now I have lunches and dinners for a few days. Here’s the recipe I used. I made a few tweaks to the recipe, but nothing major.

6 Replies to “A Very Responsible Evening of Sewing”

  1. Your blue 16 patch quilt is really beautiful – a really nice mix of light and dark with splashes of color! I’ve done mine with the same technique you used – strip sets. Once you get into the flow of how easy it is, you just sail along. The Sea Glass is stunning! The colors you’ve used just “sing”. Can’t wait to see if up on the wall!


    1. It will be done with raw edge applique. I’ve already got Heat and Bond on the back of all the pieces. I’ll press them in place, and then do some free motion quilting around the edges of the stones to attach them and give them some texture.

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