Friday Night Batik Patchwork

I got a lot done on this scrappy batik 16-patch tonight. I worked until almost 6:30 tonight, which is odd for a Friday night. It’s a pretty busy time. So I didn’t have a lot of time.

But I did get 38 of these blocks half way completed. This is the first 19 blocks and their duplicates. I will pin the center seam on the two block halves tomorrow and get them sewn together.

I had a two hour video call first thing this morning so I grabbed the block strips that I had cut last night and grabbed my pins and got these all pinned as I sat in that meeting.

Tonight I sat down at my Bernina with these stacks and sewed them all with chain piecing. Then I finger pressed each block half open. I’m a big fan of finger pressing these days! It went really fast.

Then I cut the remaining 17 strip sets into pieces. I got really brave and stacked up five sets and cut them all at once. This saves so much time!!! I had to take a picture of this because it was so pretty! This is the set of five strips that I cut at one time.

I think four strips is a good number for me though. At least for now. But I’ll keep pushing to improve.

Here’s the cut up strips. The piles contain duplicate blocks.

Then… I decided to sew the little left over scrap strips together into panels that I can sew into a pouch. I alternated the seams because I just didn’t want to match all those corners, and I wanted these to look casual and easy.

Here’s what one of these panels looks like before trimming it up.

I might combine these in a pouch or bucket with some indigo batik I have on hand.

This weekend I hope to make some good progress on sewing my blue 16 patch quilt top together. It looks like we may actually get some snow on Sunday. Even just an inch of snow can shut Portland down for days. I don’t think this will be one of those storms.

4 Replies to “Friday Night Batik Patchwork”

  1. You are the most productive person I know! I’m still recovering from Covid slowly and grateful it wasn’t worse. The brightest spot in my day right now is your blog and looking at those beautiful fabrics. The other bright spot is when I get a fabric package in the mail!!!

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    1. I’m so happy that you’re checking in every day and happy to hear that you’re on the mend! Take care of yourself!

      i was laughing the other day that all the different things I had ordered on the internet had arrived and it felt so odd to know that no packages were coming! Looks like I need to go and buy something!


  2. I’ve been watching your blogs on the 16 patch quilts you have been making. I felt encouraged to try one myself with the help of my daughter. We got out my Kaffe fabrics and putting together colors. We have about 38 squares done; a long way to go. We cut enough each time to make three quilts. I will post when I have some put together. Really love his new line for this year. I pre-ordered some of his designs. I can’t wait until they come.

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    1. I’m excited about his new line as well. I plan on using the darker blue mille fiore wide back for this blue 16 patch. I’m sure I’ll have to buy at least a small piece of almost everything else. I’m really excited about the black and white sharks tooth!

      Can’t wait to see your 16 patch! I’m really enjoying making them! I keep thinking I have a red jelly roll somewhere. I should see if I can find it and get going on a red one


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