A Snowy, Blustery Night — Sewing Through a Guild Meeting

The Portland area is having it’s first winter storm of this season. Snow is not terribly common here, but we do usually get a couple of small snow storms each winter. So far there isn’t much snow, but there is a thin layer of ice on the roads and sidewalks. It doesn’t take much to make it really treacherous.

This photo was taken at 9:45 pm. Those big trees across the street are waving back and forth with the wind gusts.

I joined the Portland Modern Quilt Guild a couple of months ago and tonight was the monthly meeting via Zoom. So I got my laptop set up in my sewing room and took the opportunity to assemble 8 trip blocks while I listened.

I picked the seams on all the block sections, got the pieces all pressed and pinned, and then chain pieced them all.

Here’s the 8 blocks I made tonight, all pressed and ready to go on the design wall.

With these blocks made tonight I only have ten more blocks to make and then I can start arranging them on the design wall. I don’t think that step will take too long.

It was cold and blustery all day today, but we were able to get outside for our afternoon two-mile walk.

Both of these boys have been having some loose poops the last few days. I was able to get a vet appointment for them tomorrow because of a cancelation. Otherwise, I would have had to wait a month. So I’m going to have them do annual exams and some vaccinations that are due while they’re in.

I’ve had several friends with dogs who were under the weather. Could be something going around. The seem to feel fine.

8 Replies to “A Snowy, Blustery Night — Sewing Through a Guild Meeting”

  1. I am loving this quilt. It is bright and fresh. I may copy you and take 1 or 2 2.5 inch strips off all my KFC fabrics when I rearrange my sewing storage later this spring.

    Oscar and Penny only played in the back yard today. We usually walk along a dyke, but the ground is frozen and their feet are too tender, plus the wind too chilly for me.

    I so enjoy your emails. I look forward to seeing them in my inbox.

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  2. Your blocks are looking wonderful! I really much enjoy making 16patch blocks as once you get into the “groove” of the process they are so easy to make.

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    1. The snow storm has caused our vet to close for the day, so no vet appt for us. We’ll have to make an appt on Monday but will probably be further out. I’ve ordered some probiotics that came this morning… so fast. Hopefully that will help poor Rico’s tummy. Bender looks good to go this morning.


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