Ice Storm During the Ice Storm

Someone commented on my blog yesterday and suggested that my new quilt had the feel of the ice storm we had this weekend. Someone else commented that I should name this quilt Ice Storm. So that’s what I’ve done.

Here’s 18 Ice Storm quilt blocks after I made nine more today. I completed the duplicate blocks of the ones that I had shared yesterday.

There are still a good number of fabrics that haven’t yet appeared in these blocks. There will be 21 different colored batiks, in addition to all the grays and 21 different white with black prints. So it should start to look more random as I get more blocks made.

You can see more of the colors and patterns in this close up.

I’m really liking this quilt. I was thinking maybe the white with black fabrics wouldn’t make sense with all the batiks, but I really like how it all plays together.

My plan is to put this aside for a few days and finish up the final ten blocks for my KFC trip quilt. My goal for tomorrow night is to get the last five strip sets made. That’s doable for a week night.

We slept in this morning and when we got up there was some blue sky and sunshine! It was so wonderful to see it after the storm this weekend.

I did a little house keeping after breakfast and it feels good to have the house in a little better order.

Then after a little sewing, I took the boys out for a little longer walk around the neighborhood. The snow and ice is really melting, but it was not easy walking. I was a little worn out after three miles in the slush and ice in my muck boots.

The low temperature tonight is supposed to be about 40 degrees, so the melting will continue overnight.

10 Replies to “Ice Storm During the Ice Storm”

    1. Even though it’s icy here, the temps during this storm never got much below 30 degrees — just cold enough for everything to freeze. So the dogs do fine in it here. We’re lucky that we don’t often get really cold temps. I don’t see ice on the dogs’ outside water dish more than a few times every winter.


    1. OMG! You’re so right! It’s funny, but when I moved to POrtland almost 11 years ago I was informed that those little peeks of blue sky are called “sucker holes.” They make you think the sky might clear, but nope!


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