Saturday Out and About and the First Ruffled Feathers Block

I met a friend of mine down near Mollala, OR, today to work our dogs on another friend’s sheep. It was a dry day, but cloudy most of the time. We did see the sun peek through the trees at one point in time.

After doing some training on sheep and having some soup I made for lunch we took the dogs for a hike on the BLM land next to my friend’s property.

It’s so nice to have dogs that get along! These good dogs ran and ran up and down the trail and were absolutely wonderful with each other the entire time.

On the way down to Mollala I drove past a lot of downed trees. That area got hit pretty hard with the recent ice storms. A different friend of mine who lives out there just got power back at her house on Thursday. That means she was without power for almost two weeks!

But where we hiked today only had a few limbs down, and mostly boughs on the trail. But man… it was so pretty when the sun came out!

I didn’t get home until about 5:00. So I took the dogs out for another walk and then just sort of hung out the rest of the evening until after 10 pm.

Then I decided to get into my sewing room and make the first block for my second Ruffled Feathers quilt because I was anxious to see how the fabrics all worked together and how the solid background fabric looked with the geese. I’m pretty happy with how this looks!

It’s much less chaotic than my first Ruffled Feathers quilt. I think the solid white background calms it all down. Plus, you can see all that work in making the geese.

And speaking of geese… I really dislike making flying geese. So when I decided to make this quilt the first time I made my own paper piecing template for the geese. And it worked really well.

I saw a post somewhere recently where a quilter used a paper punch to punch out the corners of her paper piecing template to make the paper easier to remove. I found my paper punch and gave it a try, but I have a punch that doesn’t allow you to actually SEE where you’re punching the hole. So I ordered an old fashioned punch and will try this once that arrives.

Before I started sewing tonight I took some time and basically shuffled all of my fabric pieces so when I sit down to sew I can just grab fabrics off the top of the stack and put them together.

You can purchase the Ruffled Feathers pattern here. (UPDATE: Apparently, this pattern is no longer available. The pattern designer can be found on Instagram here: ) YET ANOTHER UPDATE: I emailed the pattern designer on Instagram and she finally responded! She said that anyone interested in the pattern can email her and she’ll send an invoice.

16 Replies to “Saturday Out and About and the First Ruffled Feathers Block”

  1. Love the dog group picture :), did the little one heard sheep too? My husband just saw “Babe” for the first time last week,such a sweet movie! I get tears every time. I agree about the white background, it lets the other fabric sing.

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    1. The little one does not herd sheep but he does other dog sports. He’s a little trooper! Loves being out there with the big dogs!

      I LOVE Babe! I think I’ve watched it 50 times. Discovered over the holidays that it’s on Netflix and I watched it several times!


    1. Hahaha! I use voice texting on my phone quite often and it still thinks that every weekend I go out and go “sheep HURTING!” I’ve gotten to where I don’t correct it any more!


  2. Your fabrics look great together and this quilt. The thing about plain color background is that you have to be even more careful to keep your points perfect (and yours look perfect!) whereas a print gives you a little wiggle room.

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    1. thanks Wanda. I hadn’t thought about that benefit of a print background. I am noticing things in my geese pieces that I need to control on upcoming blocks. And the reason my points are good is because I’m paper piecing the geese units! I know I’d never get that precision if I was making them with other methods.


  3. Beautiful photo of the dogs!! Brings back memories of our four legged pals.
    I love the Ruffled Feathers and after seeing yours I visited the site and bought the pattern! I can’t wait to make a start and hoping to being in some of the new KF Collective fabrics which should be on my doorstep in a week.

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    1. It would be great with a really scrappy approach. I’ve used 12 fabrics here. In the other one I made I think I used 14. I used mostly half yards and all I have left over is about 4 inches WOF. I’ll wait until I have the blocks done to be safe, but I will cut what’s left over into 2.5 inch strips for a future scrappy project.


  4. I like how this is looking and agree about the white “break”. I think I’d paper piece too if I had that many geese that were so prominent! The dogs look like they were having fun.

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    1. The dogs do love getting off leash and really running!

      I hate making flying geese by other methods and don’t get very accurate or pretty points. Paper piecing really makes the points nice and consistent.


  5. Hi Anne,
    Merry Christmas, happy new year! I was excited to see you are ding yet anther Ruffled Feathers quilt so I went back through previous posts for the link to the pattern. It is, however, expired. Do you have any updated info? Thanks and I look forward to watching your progress, as always. Jody from Brookings.


  6. I thought I was the only one who loved Kaffe Fassett fabrics so much especially the warm tones. I live only 35 minutes from MSQC where I can get my KFC fix. I was there accidentally when he was. What a shock. I am addicted to your Beautiful Totes. **

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    1. Oh, there are a lot of people out there who love KFC fabrics! We are in good company! There’s nothing like visiting a quilt store that has a bunch of it. Sensory overload!!!



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