Two Bag Linings Complete

Holy cow! Have we been having glorious weather the last couple of weeks. It’s usually raining this time of year in Portland, but this year it’s sunny and warm. It’s such a joy to get outside every evening in the sunlight! Had a nice walk tonight as I talked on the phone with a friend.

When I got home I dug in and finished the lining on two of the bags that I shared last night.

I love the lining on this one! I just LOVE a graphic black and white print with these bright colored fabrics!

I made the pocket from black and white Jumble.

Here’s the back of the bag. I think I like it even more than the front! I want to do more with black and white combined with the bright colors. All kinds of ideas floating around my head on that.

Gah! I love it!!!

The other finish tonight is this border collie bag.

And that lining? It just makes me so happy!

And I just love the contrast of the delicate paisley on the pocket. Smiles all around on this one!

Here’s the back. I just love this black and white crumb quilting. I thought it would be bland, but it’s really fun!

For this bag made from Kaffe’s Paperweight fabrics I had planned on using Paprika paperweight for the lining.

But I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to use the Algae colorway instead. I think it will make the bag feel cooler and will be a more subdued color way which is a change for me. I’m going to have to order some as neither of the two pieces I have is big enough.

Two more of my blog readers send me photos of the Frankenbags they made.

Here’s the first one from Jean Boseman. And I’m a real sucker for batiks so this one makes me pretty happy! I can see several fabrics in this bag that I’ve used in previous projects.

This next bag is from Sally Zimmer. I love that she put a zipper in her bag. I’ve been thinking about coming up with a design that includes a zipper, and now I’m inspired to get it done!

What am I gonna work on next?

10 Replies to “Two Bag Linings Complete”

  1. I love the black and white, especially when mixed with bright colors! It brings to mind the work of Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. Can’t wait to start another!

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    1. Yes! That little bit of black and white can be really amazing. But interestingly, I’m wanting to make a bag without the black and white fabric… more ideas percolating. I have a jelly roll of an eclectic mix of KFC fabrics that a friend gave me. It will be a very different feel but I’m really itching to dig in and see what it will look like. Thanks so much for sharing your bags! Your colors are so amazing!


  2. AWW, that Bender! He’s just precious and looks like he enjoys posing 🙂 Still working on other projects so haven’t started a bag yet….but getting lots of ideas from everyone elses. I love a zippered bag too and use a zipper placket tutorial from pinterest, it sets down inside a little, not too hard 🙂


    1. Ooh. I’ll take a look at Youtube and see what tutorials I can find for adding a zipper. I do have some patterns that include them but haven’t dug them out to look at them. A zipper closure really elevates the usability of a nice tote. And then I’d have to add a zipper pocket on the inside.


  3. Isn’t it amazing how you can start off with one idea and the next thing you know, your brain is just flooded with variations on a theme. Well what if I do this, and how about that, and how about different fabrics, and on and on! Thanks again for your great tutorial.

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