I’m Seeing Green

Still on my Frankenbag kick, last night I pulled out some Kaffe Fassett Collective charm squares that I’ve had for years and started playing around. They’re in my favorite color way… GREEN! I simply cut them into strips and sewed them into long rows. They will make fun pieces to combine with other orphan blocks and crumb quilting.

I like the greens, but they felt a little flat to me. I felt like they needed a pop of color for interest. I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve that.

And then a package landed with a WHOMP on my porch this afternoon. Inside was more KFC scraps shipped to me by a friend, and sne sent me a pile of nearly sixty blocks that she had made in a class at her LQS… All of them containing KFC fabrics! They are going to be so much fun to incorporate into Frankenbags and other scrappy projects!

And in that pile of blocks were two that were perfect to introduce a pop of color into my green strips. I got one of those blocks assembled into a bag front tonight.

I got some borders put on the other block that I’ll use on the other side.

Amazing the hard work a little pop of color will do! And if I’m focused, I might get the second bag panel made and both panels quilted tomorrow evening. Come on weekend!

I’m going to line this bag with this gorgeous Philip Jacob’s coleus.

We found a HUGE pine cone on our walk last night. So, of course, we had to balance it on Bender’s head!

Isn’t that just amazing?

11 Replies to “I’m Seeing Green”

  1. I am usually not a huge fan of green. However, I absolutely love the Kaffe greens and I love what you’ve done with these greens in your Frankenbag. The pops of color are right on!! Love, love, love!!
    Besides being a good sport with the pine cone, Bender is so handsome!

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    1. My favorite color is green. I’ve never made an all green Kaffe quilt, but I want to some day. Those little pops of color do make all the differenct.

      Bender is really handsome! And he doesn’t take a bad photos. Such a good poser.



  2. Isn’t it fun what happens when a new direction pops into your head? Your Frankenbags are amazing! One after another, they get better and better. An unsolicited bag of Kaffe fabrics land on your porch? What a lucky girl! How in the world do you get Bender to cooperate for your photos? And … Where do you get the poly fusible batting for your bags? I can’t seem to find it.

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    1. Bender is naturally cooperative, but he also has a lot of experience posing with stuff on his head. It’s kind of a thing we do!

      The fusible batting I’m using now is Pellon TP971F, Fusible Thermolam Plus. I recently purchased it online at Joann fabrics and picked it up at my local store. Pellon has several fusible fleece type products that would work. It looks like their Pellon fleece is 50% off right now. I usually wait for a good sale or use a 50% off coupon and buy ten yards at a time. I use it a lot for smaller projects!



  3. Love all your posts!!! These bags have me intrigued and I just LOVE Kaffe-so, may just sit down this weekend and try my hand at one of these!!! Oh, your dogs are so adorable! Just had to put my last pup down a few weeks ago! 😢
    Happy sewing!!
    Lorie Watson
    Erie, PA

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    1. So sorry to hear about your pup. It’s so sad that they have such short lives. They bring us so much in their short time here.

      If you make one, please do send me a photo! I’d love to see what you come up with and would love to share it on my blog!



  4. I love how big Benders eyes are with that huge pine cone on his head. He has kind of a ‘can you believe the things she makes me do look’ but in a way one can tell he doesn’t mind. I really like all the bags you’ve been making!

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    1. Bender would pose for days! I think he thinks it’s fun!

      and yes on the coleus fabric! It’s so rich and saturated. No wonder I keep buying pieces of it, forgetting that I already have some!



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