A Corgi Commission

A friend of mine who has owned corgis for years saw the border collie Frankenbags I made recently and asked if I would make her a corgi bag. She said she had corgi fabric, so I asked her to take a photo of it so I could see if it would work. It looked fun, so I had her send it to me.

I was thinking I would use the same black and white fabric crumb pieces, but when the corgi fabric arrived it was clear that the fabric wasn’t black, but sort of a dark brown/olive green kind of color. And it looked terrible with the black and white crumb pieces.

So I started thinking of other ideas and ran a few past my friend. Here’s what I landed on.

I went with saturated batiks that are the colors of the little corgis. The fabric at the bottom (above) combines several of the corgi colors.

So I cut some strips and pieced up some crumb blocks because I really like that effect. Here’s the first side of the bag.

I just love that long strip of corgis on the right. I think it will all be fun when it’s quilted and assembled. I didn’t piece any blocks with the corgi fabric because it doesn’t lend itself well to piecing. I’m toying with a couple of ideas for the other side of the bag.

My friend sent enough fabric so I can use it for the lining too.

Several more blog readers sent photos of their bags in the last few days. There’s some really fun stuff here. I’m so amazed at what people are coming up with for their bags.

This first one was made by Jeanne Schoeffler. I just love the blues in this bag. Especially with that pop of orange right in the middle. And that black and white chips is pretty cool too. I need to dig out the piece I have and get it into a bag.

Here’s the other side of this bag. It looks like Jeanne used the same faux leather for her handles that I’ve been using. I like the way the handles look.

Oh! I just noticed the lining! I love it!!!

The next bag was made by Val Patenaude. It’s one of my favorites! She used some blocks that were left over from an Escher quilt she made. And I love the way she quilted it!

What a great way to use those left over blocks!

Here’s the other side of this bag.

I just love the relaxed and random feeling of this side of this bag. And the colors… well, they’re pretty amazing! And there’s more of that vertical straight line stitching. I really want to do this on a bag. It will likely be coming up soon.

Val said her quilting guild is doing a sew along day on zoom soon and they’re all going to make Frankenbags. I told her I’d love to see what they all come up with.

The third bag was made by Susan Conant. She did a really nice job of combining KFC fabrics and batiks. And I just love that white and black spot on the front.

Here’s the other side of this bag. I love that strip of bright flowers paired with the piano keys. And that big old pinwheel is great! I might have to include that some time soon.

Thanks to Jeanne, Val and Susan for letting me share the photos of their bags.

My lilac bush is in spectacular bloom right now. The smell around the yard in the evenings is so amazing! I wish you could smell this photo!

This lilac bush is huge. It’s probably 14 or 15 feet tall and about that far across. And it’s loaded with blooms this year. I am going to have it pruned after it blooms. It’s getting a bit out of hand.

I’m looking forward to a day off work Friday. Rico and I are doing a three day sheep herding clinic down in Molalla, Oregon. It looks like the weather is going to be fabulous and I’ll get to see friends that I haven’t seen since before Thanksgiving!

I’ll close with a cute photo of Bender balancing botanicals in the form of apple blossoms.

Just ’cause he’s so freaking cute!

12 Replies to “A Corgi Commission”

  1. I love your bags😊. They are all gorgeous. Wondering if you would email me your bag construction instructions. I know you posted them but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to print

    Thanks much. Cannot wait for another purse post from you; brightens my day!

    Sent from my iPhone Pat Nackers 920-734-0997 Patnackers@gmail.com


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I keep wondering if people are getting tired of bags. I know I’m still having fun. And I do think this corgi bag will be fun when it’s all done. The quilting always elevates it for me. I might get that quilting done tonight.

      Bender is a very cooperative and photogenic guy!



  2. The corgi fabric really look so good with the batiks! I wish we could have lilacs but it just gets too hot for them to do well in Texas. That sweet Bender, just want to hug him 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the corgi fabric is from Spoonflower. It has a really odd feel to it… almost like parachute fabric.

      I’m sorry you can’t grow lilacs. They are so amazingly wonderful!!!

      Bender would love your hugs! He’s very open to hugging.



    1. I don’t know where it came from. the friend I made it for sent it to me. But from the feel of the fabric there’s a good chance it came from Spoonflower. Their fabric has a particular feel.



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