Corgi Panels are Done!

I finished making the second corgi Frankenbag panel tonight and got both panels sandwiched and quilted.

I may be able to finish this up tomorrow night and have it in the mail on Friday. I’m anxious to see it come together in the bag body.

I have to say, I wasted a lot of this corgi fabric! There isn’t enough space between rows to cut it with a seam allowance and not destroy the adjacent row of corgis.

Here’s some close ups of these panels. I just love the way quilting elevates these panels.

I just love that long string of corgis on the right side!

The way those paw prints and dog bones show up here and there is really charming.

I put this Aboriginal fabric bag in the mail today. I was sort of sad to see it go. But I know it will be loved and appreciated.

I got tagged on Instagram this evening by Aussie quilter Julie who is @patchwork_gecko on Instagram. She posted some pictures of a Frankenbag she made and said that she had been looking for a pattern and found a forgotten panel that was quilted and waiting to be made into something. So she cut it in half, made handles out of some leftover cork, made the lining and voila! She had this Frankenbag done!

I love that she repurposed something that was forgotten into something that’s really cute and functional! Those panels are just perfect for this bag!

Every day of this spring is prettier than the last. The dogwood trees are in all their glory right now. I must have passed 50 or more of them on tonight’s three-mile walk. The yard in this photo had THREE of various sizes in their front yard!

Finally, a picture of Rico where he doesn’t look tortured. But Bender looks completely stoned!

16 Replies to “Corgi Panels are Done!”

  1. I just discovered your blog last week and love your bags. I can’t wait to make my own. LOVE the aboriginal fabric! Am in the process of gathering some now. Love your bags, blog, and dogs!

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  2. You’re right! Bender looks like he smoked a pipeful. Both boys are gorgeous. Your bags are excellent in design and execution…love seeing what everyone is inspired to do by your example!

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