Just a Little More Bag Obsession

It was pretty warm outside today so I spent a good deal of time in my sewing room and I got a lot done. I finished the lining on the black bag that I showed in my last post.

Man, I just LOVE that red spiral shells. It has become one of my favorite KFC fabrics.

Each one of these is easier and quicker than the last.

I like this one better than the other black one that I made. That’s really why I made this one. I wanted to do it differently for a different effect, and I achieved it.

Here’s the other side.

I really do like the addition of the black and white fabrics to this mix. I also really like the chunks of larger prints here and there.

I lined it with the dark blue guinea flower and made a divided pocket out of dark paper fans.

I just counted and I think I’ve made 17 of these bags. Including this green one that isn’t done yet. I pulled out the stack of quilt blocks my friend sent me a few weeks ago and build another green bag around them.

I intentionally put that orange in there because the last one had that shock of orange in the orphan block and it really brought the panel to life.

Here’s the other side.

I’m going to line it with that green jumble that’s bordering the larger block in the image above.

Here’s the two panels together. I like seeing them side by side.

I’ll probably get the lining on this done tomorrow night.

I ran across Jennifer Condon’s account on Instagram the other day that has given me all kinds of ideas for panels for bags. She does really amazing improv piecing that is very free form and irregular.

Take a minute and check her out.

I took the dogs for a nice long walk after breakfast this morning. I decided to do 4.5 miles so we could take a shorter walk after dinner.

Even though we were out earlier than we usually are, their tongues are hanging out! We were about three miles into our walk at this point and were heading toward home.

Along the way I ran across this odd thing.

It was sitting on top of this tree stump. It was about as big around as a silver dollar and about 3/4 inches high. I think it’s some kind of spider egg sac. I asked people on Facebook what they thought, and I have a lot of wise cracking friends.

Some thought it might be come kind of fungus. Some agreed that it might be a spider egg sac. I won’t share the wise cracks here.

I’m very sad that the rhododendrons are starting to fade. I saw this gorgeous light pink one on our evening walk tonight. the blooms were huge!

Once again… the weekend isn’t long enough. But this is my final week of work before my week of vacation! I can’t believe it’s gotten here so quickly. I’m really looking forward to a vacation.

4 Replies to “Just a Little More Bag Obsession”

  1. You have really been churning out the bags! You just have to keep this spiral fabric one too, lol. On the green bag that striped fabric towards the bottom of both sides really adds so much 🙂 And the thing on the stump – good you didn’t hang around – it would be awful for it to burst open and have gobs of spiders coming at you – or maybe an alien!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just love that color way of strata, the striped fabric. It’s a great fabric that I sometimes forget about.

      I’ve actually slowed down a little in making bags, but am still cranking them out. I’ve sold quite a few and still have a bunch hanging on my coat rack.

      and that thing on the stump, no one knows for sure what it it. Consensus seems to be a spider egg sac. I was not tempted to bust it open!!!


  2. I think that “glob” in the tree trunk is an alien form ready to hatch! (I have a vivid imagination and believe there are aliens among us). Your newest Frank is really beautiful. 17? 17? Do you sit up and sew all night? Please send some of your energy to me? I’m depleted. I think I may have used up my lifetime supply! Thank you again for all this inspiration.


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