Something That’s Not a Bag!

I didn’t spend a ton of time in my sewing room tonight. I finished up the lining on this green bag and I have to say that I love it.

I’ve never been too terribly in love with that Kaffe design with the little flowers, but I really like it in this bag. I just love the little pops of color.

Here’s the finished front and back of this bag.

… and the back…

I made a point of getting the tag sewn on tonight, rather than waiting like I have with other recent bags.

I mark the center of the bag with a pin, and then use clips to hold the tag in place while I hand sew it on.

I also took a few minutes to sew the tags on my paperweight bag and the dark bag I finished last night.

Look how pretty those fabrics are close up!

I also decided that I’m going to start working on the blocks for my Secret Purple Ruffled Feathers quilt. This quilt only has 20 big blocks in it. I made one block tonight, which makes five blocks done.

If I can make a few of these a week, this quilt top will be done in no time.

I got photos of a couple more Frankenbags made by blog readers. This first one if from Cherry Naylor. I love how saturated these colors are and the piecing is really fun!

And look… she’s combined wavy quilting with some straight lines. That a really good idea!

Here’s the other side.

That’s some fun crumb piecing there!

Poppy Maclean also sent photos of a new bag she made and it’s so wild!!!

It’s almost psychedelic! I love this in so many ways!

Here’s a view from the side.

And this third one from Tamy Roberts.

I love that this has a lot of blue and green, but also has those fun pops of color. And those little patches of onion rings make me pretty happy!

Here’s the other side.

There’s all kinds of fun angles going on in this one! This looks like it will be someone’s favorite bag!

Thanks to Poppy, Cherry and Tamy for sending photos!

28 Replies to “Something That’s Not a Bag!”

  1. I really like it that you make such a feature of your linings.I am guilty of using up boring old bit for bag linings but I’m now going to change and make my linings more interesting

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  2. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, and am loving the Frankenbags. I definitely see one or more of these in my future!
    Would you mind telling me who makes your leather tags please? They really make the bag yours, and look very professional.
    New Zealand

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  3. Hi. I have only recently discovered your blog, and I’m really enjoying seeing all the Frankenbags. I can see one or two of these in my future!
    Would you mind telling me where you get your leather tags made please? They make it yours and add such a professional look.
    New Zealand

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  4. I have loved seeing all the bags. I am sewing vicariously through you and all those who have shared photos of their own bags. All my spare time has been spent studying for a 6 hour professional exam later this month.

    It has been a tough month and seeing all the beautiful bags each morning brightens my days.

    I will make one or more over the summer. I have collected purple batiks for a few years and I have some turquoise ones to go with them. I have see some pretty bags in my future.

    Oh and your tags are delightful and finish the bags off beautifully.

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    1. Ooh… I have a bag of purple and turquoise batiks that I’ve been wanting to make something out of but can’t decide on a pattern. It’s such a nice combo of fabrics!



  5. The bags are fabulous! You have likely answered this question before, but where did you get these awesome leather tags?


  6. Thank you for your inspiration! I discovered you on Pinterest on Friday evening and decided to check out my scrap boxes just for fun. Well, you know what happened. I spend Saturday making a bag and loved it. Decided to offer it up for auction at a club event benefiting a women’s college on Monday morning. Yes, it sold – and for a nice amount. I am now a regular reader of your blog!

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    1. Wow! That’s so cool! I’ll have to remember that the next time someone is looking for donations for fundraising!

      I’d love to see a photo of your bag if you have one.

      Thanks for reading my blog! I’m having a lot of fun sharing my obsession!



  7. Hi Anne! so thrilled to see my latest bag in your blog…thank you ❤️.the first one i made comes with me everywhere, the design is very strong and practical and each bag is beautiful…. What a joy!

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    1. Thanks Poppy! I’m really having a lot of fun seeing what everyone is making. So many creative people and you’re all giving me so many ideas!

      I’m looking forward to actually going somewhere that I’ll need a bag. I’ve saved one for myself!



  8. hi there! I am in the process of creating afrankenbag and wondered if you have a photo of you or someone carrying the bag? I’d like to see how the size looks on a person. Loving your blog and all the fabulous bags!

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    1. I do have a photo. It shows the size of hte bag and also where it hits you with the 24 inch handles. Give me your email address and I’ll send the photo… unless you can wait a day or two because I’ve been planning on talking about this in my next blog post.


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