Blocks From Everywhere!

I’ve been thinking about digging into the blocks my friend gave me a few weeks ago to find a couple of panels for a bag that would be in reds, yellows and oranges. So I dug in and selected a couple of blocks that I thought would work.

Here’s the first one. It has mostly KFC fabrics in it.

Here’s the second one. Also mostly KFC fabrics.

Then I remembered that there were a few small simple blocks that were in the scraps that Wanda sent me so I dug those out.

A couple of weeks ago I ran across some panels of 2 inch squares of KFC fabrics that I had sewn a couple of years ago… intending to put them into zipper pouches. I thought these would work well for these panels.

Once I had all these pieces ready to go, I looked through my stash and selected a few fabrics in red, yellow and orange to compliment these blocks. And here’s what I came up with: the first panel.


And the other panel.

This really is a true Frankenbag with pieces from all over the place. I really like having pieces in these panels that were made by friends. It makes them special. I also like that it reads in the red family, but there are a lot of fun little pops of color everywhere.

I’ll probably get this quilted and get the outer bag body sewn together tomorrow night.

I received more photos of Frankenbags from blog readers today.

These first photos are two bags from Lynne Hummel. I really love all the indigo in these bags. It’s such a great neutral color to use with so many different prints and colors. I also like the strong horizontal lines on the center top photo. And, of course, there’s all that graphic black and white that I love so much. And that thin little yellow line in the photo on the top right? Well, it’s sort of everything.

Lynne also added a zipper pocket on that bag at the top.

This next bag is from Linda Lock. I just love those big and bold pieces on this bag. And the floral handles are pretty fun too! I also really like how it’s all askew! That makes it so interesting.

Thanks to Lynne and Linda for sharing photos of their bags!

As I was walking the boys tonight the sky just got prettier and prettier. Rico was not happy that we had to stop to take a photo.

Holy cow. I really live in a gorgeous place!

I made up for Rico’s agony when we got home by putting a toy on his head.

Look how happy he is with this situation!

15 Replies to “Blocks From Everywhere!”

  1. Ever so slowly getting back to sewing after about a month of feeling below par and not having any energy. Can’t wait to start my first Frankenbag. Spent most of the time fondling fabric and deciding on a color scheme – Kaffe’s of course! Purples plus contrast. Hope to have photos to send before too long.


  2. I love this blog! I get so many great ideas not only from your bags, but from those others have sent pictures of. I never thought of denim as a neutral! Thanks!

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    1. I was watching a program on TV once about buying clothing that talked about what colors were considered neutral… navy, beige, black, khaki, etc… And if you think about it, so many blues go with other colors. It’s fun to experiment with it and see what you like.



  3. Hi. I’m a new subscriber to your blog and I love seeing your beautiful work! Is there a general pattern for the bag that you work with? It has great proportions. Thank you! Barbara Catrett

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    1. Your little blocks are perfect here! I love that this bag really is made from spare parts… from so many different people! so fun to use up these pieces. Thanks again Wanda!


  4. I’m really enjoying all the Frankenbags you’ve been sharing. As a fellow Kaffe lover it’s such a fun way to use his prints and have something useful and faster to make than a quilt. Perhaps I need to make one . . . or two . . .or three……

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    1. You should make at least one! I’m really loving being able to finish projects easily and quickly.

      And yes… the KFC fabrics are just so gorgeous in these bags! I’m having so much fun combining them!



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