Ready to Assemble

I got the red and yellow panels that I made last night quilted this evening. I would have assembled the bag body, but I needed to make handles first and I felt too tired to get those sewn so decided to stop with the quilting.

Here’s the two finished panels with the handle fabric.

I just love the way the quilting makes this all feel so cohesive… like it’s just one big piece of crazy fabric!

And i love the views I get of these panels as I’m quilting them.

Look at all that color! So fantastic. Those little pops of turquoise here and there are pretty amazing!

I tried out a few fabrics for the lining and decided to go with this orange crackle. I’ll use the yellow crackle for the pocket.

I’ll probably get this all done tomorrow night. It will go together quickly from here on out.

I got a couple more photos of bags from a blog reader today. These are from Bonnie Carpenter. (Click on each photo for a larger image)

I just love both of these. Look at all those thin strips on that first one, and the quilting is kind of insane! And the second one is so good! I love that black and white sharks tooth… I was so glad when it was finally produced in black and white. It does such crazy things when it’s used for sashing. And the bubble quilting on that second bag is pretty cool too. Maybe I’m going to have to branch out and do something other than straight line stitching! Might have to dig out my stitch regulator! Thanks for sending these in Bonnie!

It was really cool today. I actually had to turn my furnace up. I haven’t had my furnace up for a few weeks. There were even a few nice rain showers and and some hail that came through. It’s been such a dry spring here. Our rainy season should continue through May and into June. We haven’t had much rain to speak of for well over a month. I’m worried about what our fire season will look like if we don’t get some rain.

With all the storms we had today, the skies were gorgeous on our walk tonight.

I call that large sequoia in the center of this photo “Jack’s Tree” after a friend of mine who lives on the east coast. I think of him every time I walk past it and often send him photos of it to let him know I’m thinking of him.

Jack was very concerned about Rico with the toy on his head from last night. He texted me that I should google a certain phone number, and it turned out to be the phone number for the Oregon Humane Society!!!

So I took these photos of the dogs for Jack to show him how happy they are.

You can just see all the happiness on Bender’s face. Look how relaxed and natural he is.

And poor Rico. Hahaha! He just does NOT like to stop and pose. He looks like he’s being tortured!

He’s so sensitive. Such a big, beefy and confident guy, and he feels all the feels. He’s so sweet.

14 Replies to “Ready to Assemble”

    1. I think the lining on a pouch or bag is so important! There’s nothing like opening up a bag and seeing a lining that you weren’t expecting!

      Bender would love it if you hugged him. Rico would appreciate a quick handshake.



    1. Rebecca;
      I trim them to size after they’re quilted. They typically remain at 17inches in width, but I lose about 1/4 inch in height once it’s quilted. It doesn’t really matter as long as you trim your two sides to be the same dimensions. Also, you’ll need to adjust your lining. I made some notes in my tutorial about how I had adjusted the lining over time. I basically cut the lining 1/4 inch narrower than the bag panels in width, and 1/2 inch smaller in height. I had to figure this out over several bags. But my linings fit much better now.

      I don’t worry about the panels being the same height and width. 1/4 inch doesn’t make much difference.


    1. Sue;
      I think I’m getting close to 20 bags made. I need to count them. I have sold a good number of them. I have two I’m keeping, and I think I have five others. So it’s not too bad!


  1. Did I miss the tutorial that includes the zippered closure? I have been out of town for a few days so I haven’t kept up as I usually do. Also when you say you made changes to the tutorial, is that the original tutorial? Will your changes appear in that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t made the zipper placket tutorial yet. I am taking vacation next week and plan on working on it then. So I may have it done in a week or week and a half.

      I have been going back to my original tutorial for the Frankenbag and adding notes when I change something. So you can continue going back to that for alterations I’ve made to that bag. For instance, I added a link to the tutorial I did later for how I make my panels.

      I hope it all makes sense! If you have questions, feel free to ask.



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