Frankenbag #20

I finished up this red and yellow Frankenbag tonight. I’m pretty sure this is the 20th one I’ve made!

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with KFC fabrics in the red and yellow colorways. And I love that these blocks came from different sewers. It makes this bag very special to me.

I had thought that first photo would be the back of the bag, but that large block with the yellow crackle border is just too good. So I changed my mind. The only difference it makes is where I place the pocket on the inside. I feel like the pocket should be alongside the back of the bag, not the front.

Here’s the other side, what I thought would be the front, but I’m calling it the back.

Still pretty good. But missing the POP of that larger piece of yellow crackle with those magic turquoise pieces.

I used the orange crackle for the lining with a yellow crackle pocket.

And of course, the tag! Holy hell. I just LOVE these tags!

I’m thinking something with some purple in it might be up next…

Sheila Plock has been going a little nuts making Frankenbags. She posted photos of three more bags today. She’s really on a roll! You can click on each image for a little bigger view.

I’m really loving how much fun Sheila is having making these bags. And I love to see her using gorgeous and fun fabric for her linings! Don’t forget to use something fabulous for the lining!

She’s getting close to rivaling me in her production!

And her bags remind me that I’ve wanted to do something with some purple. And I might make another red and yellow one, but include some black and white jumble. It certainly worked in this quilt that I made in 2019.

We had some rain showers come through this afternoon but it cleared up nicely for our evening walk. We were all happy to get outside and stretch our legs.

One more day of work and then I have a week of vacation! I’m really looking forward to it.

6 Replies to “Frankenbag #20”

  1. Wow #20 really?! Fabulous as ever.
    Loving the use of red crackle lining and yellow crackle pocket which makes everything pop!
    Great photo of the boys 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I went in and counted more carefully after I made this blog post last night and I counted a couple bags twice. So I think this one is actually number 18. But still a lot of bags!

      The thing I love about that yellow crackle is those pops of turquoise! Yummy!



  2. Beautiful 😻 I like pockets on both sides of my bags I have made and they stay full, 😆. Purples and blues together would be great too. Love the boys’ picture 🥰

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    1. Two pockets is a good idea. I’ve started incorporating a larger divided pocket ion these bags rather than the single pocket in my tutorial. It’s just more functional.

      I have a lot of blue fabrics left over from my blue sixteen patch quilt. They would be great for one of these! Could even build in a sixteen patch block here and there!



  3. I love your blog. I love your stash of KFC. I love the Frankenbags. But most of all, and the reason I come back every day is the dogs. I love them like I love breathing. I’m 75, lost my dog after a long and happy life in 2014. I moved away from NC where we had huge fun to Ohio due to health, and there are pet restrictions. I live vicariously with pets online. Your two give me puddles when they look directly into the camera. Those eyes look like my girl Maya’s. So Thank You for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww. That’s so sweet. I’m so sorry you can’t have dogs. I can’t imagine living without mine. I will give them an extra hug for you tonight.


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