Bringing Back Some Fun Tutorials and a Bit of Vacation

I’m without my sewing machine for a few days so I want to bring back couple of tutorials that I did in the past. I have so many new blog readers recently that I thought some would find these projects fun to do… and they make great gifts.

The first is a tutorial for a zipper pouch. I have made a LOT of zipper pouches in the past. I developed a few tricks over time that I really like. These pouches are all about the inset panel. That’s where the fun happens. This tutorial shows you how to construct the pouch… not how to piece the panels.

Some of these panels are improv pieced, some are paper pieced… do whatever floats your boat! But make a pouch or two!

I’ve adapted this pattern for a lot of different sizes and shapes of pouches and have added zipper pockets over time. It’s nice to have a few tricks and techniques that you can apply to a lot of different pieces.

The other tutorial that’s fun is for a drawstring knitting project bag with a zipper pocket on the front. I’ve made a number of these. I use one for my small knitting projects. I have another one that I use for my “covid kit” in my car — it holds hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, disinfectant wipes, all in a neat package.

Here’s a few I made on this pattern.

I carried this Frankenbag with me on my travels this week and it’s been pretty much perfect! It’s holding a couple of books, my iPad, computer and phone cables, my cosmetic bag, and some dog toys. I can’t be the only one who carries dog toys in their tote bag!

It’s really functional and already feels like it’s going to be an old favorite.

Four or five people have sent me photos of Frankenbags they’ve made. I’m struggling with really slow internet and it’s taking soooo long to upload photos, so I’ll work on getting those posted in the next blog post. Thanks to everyone who has sent all your fun photos!

We took a trip to the beach today and we’re all exhausted tonight! It was a beautiful day. The forecast called for rain, but we lucked out and actually had some blue sky.

You can see the dogs’ tracks all over the sand! We walked five miles on the beach. The dogs must have run 20!

It felt so good to get out and move around a little and it always feels great to see and hear the ocean. Here’s my brother and his wife leaving me in the dust as I stopped to take photos of the dogs.

As usual, Bender is an excellent poser.

Rico… not so much.

We had to scramble over some rocks to avoid the surf at one point. My brother led the way.

Seen in one of the little nooks and crannies in the rocks. . .

Do I look happy to be at the coast?

More adventures tomorrow.

20 Replies to “Bringing Back Some Fun Tutorials and a Bit of Vacation”

    1. There is one section of that beach that has agates all over it in the most amazing colors. We were there on Easter Sunday a few years ago and it felt like someone had scattered Easter eggs all over the beach.


  1. How nice that you think of all your followers even when on vacation!! The coast is so rejuvenating. Although I’m on the East, it’s my go-to place. Going to try some pouches, AND some paper piecing. For some reason, my brain seems to stop functioning when I paper piece! Thanks for all the inspiration!

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    1. Start with something really simple in paper piecing, like some paper pieced flying geese. That will help you get comfortable so you can do something more complicated. I don’t do anything too detailed, but I’ve made some fun things.


  2. Be still my beating heart! Your pictures of the ocean beach bring back memories of wonderful beach days in and around New England in my childhood. I think I can smell the salt air. Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy every minute of it.

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    1. I could taste the salt on my lips by the time we were done! We’re going to the beach again today. I haven’t told Bender and Rico yet. They will be so excited!


    1. Yes. One of the best things about moving from Salt Lake to Portland is that I’m just four hours from my brother… and within a really easy drive to the coast. It’s really wonderful!


    1. I was down visiting my brother in Coquille, near Bandon. This beach is Seven Devils Beach just north of Bandon. It’s a great beach and we don’t run into very many people there so it’s a great place to take the dogs.

      I’m glad you’re liking my bags and dogs!


  3. Looks like you are having a great vacation. I’m still in my addicted to Frankenberg bags stage and I have to tell you that a was never an “improv” quilter, too random for me and yet here I am making these bags with your wonderful tutorial. Got inspired from a colorful bag I saw on the Kaffe Fassett Facebook page by Marianne Oldani.[Image.jpeg][Image.jpeg][Image.jpeg] Thanks again for the inspiration. Sheila Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

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  4. I made this bag. It is so cute but so small. I love the pattern and followed the clear instructions with no problem. Love it!
    Now I am going to try to enlarge it to a more useable bag 16”x20”.
    Thanks Anne, I can’t get enough of your patterns.


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