A Normal Feeling Visit and So Many Frankenbags

I left my brother’s place in Coquille, OR, Wednesday morning around 10:30 and arrived home around 3:00 in the afternoon. It was the first time I’ve visited my brother and his wife in more than a year-and-a-half. I typically go down there a couple times a year.

Tuesday day was my vaccine full potency day, so we figured this weekend was a good time for a visit.

They live on a lovely piece of property a few miles out of town with views of the neighboring hillsides and 15 acres of quiet and private property. Their yard near the house is a couple of those acres and includes several different gardens on different levels, an orchard, and several small sheep pastures.

Here is a picture of my boys in front of one of their gardens.

They also have a really lovely walking trail through the trees up on the hills above their house. It’s so nice to get up there and do a few laps to get some miles under your belt.

Rico was very interested in their sheep but didn’t make himself obnoxious about it. Bender seemed to develop quite a special relationship with them! They did this over and over!

We didn’t do much during the three days I was there, but it was really relaxing and so nice to feel normal for a few days. I was worried that I’d feel weird about being indoors with other people, but it felt like the most normal thing — I’m so glad we’re all vaccinated! I was so relieved and really enjoyed my time there.

We mostly hung out around the house except for a trip to the ocean each day. It was so good for us and the dogs really love going to the beach.

We really lucked out on the weather and had the beach nearly all to ourselves each time we went.

Being at the beach is always a great opportunity to pose with my boys. I wish the quality of this photo was better.

There were A LOT of outtakes in getting this photo taken. Those dogs just wanted to run!

Here’s one of my favorite photos from this beach visit.

We did a little drinking… Here we are having some beer and enjoying the weather and the view before we made fish tacos for dinner.

Here’s my first taco. It was a really good dinner! Fresh fish, home made tortillas, and lots of fresh things from the garden.

We followed dinner with some scotch and Yahtzee… a family after-dinner tradition!

I did finally get into my sewing room this evening and whipped up the panels for another Frankenbag. I was too tired to get much beyond this point.

And this one…

I’ll probably finish this up tomorrow. I’m going to go for a hike in the morning and get my car registered after that. Then I’ll do some sewing.

I’ve been getting so many reader submitted photos. So much creativity out there! Here’s what’s come in the last few days.

Cherry Naylor has been busy again! I love this one with all the different black and white prints. And the pops of green are so wonderful!

And Lynne Hummel has really been cranking them out. I love the purple in this one and the tiddlywinks lining is always a winner! Lynne added a nice zipper pocket too.

Sheila Plock has been busy making bags and I just love the fabrics she used for this one. I had a very similar stack of fabric on my cutting table a week or so ago. You might see this show up in my done pile soon!

Tammy Anderson made this wonderful scrappy and eclectic version. I just love this! I’m betting there are a lot of memories among those blocks and fabrics.

Laura Hillaker made this colorful and springy version. I love the way she incorporated the selvedge. That’s a really fun addition. I also love how she used the large pieces of fabric to show off the prints.

Kris Cook sent photos of this bag she made from wonderful blue and orange fabrics. And I just love her lining! You can’t go wrong with blues, yellows and oranges! I do want to make a blue version. I think I’ll pull out all the blues left over from my blue 16 patch quilt and make a bag or two. There should be some fun fabric combos there.

Deb Dolby really let these huge blooms sing in her version. Aren’t these colors gorgeous? That What a fun way to show them off.

Nina Talbrant sent these photos of her bag. She said she participated in a Swedish quilting guild virtual sew along where some of the participants made Frankenbags. I love her scrappy approach. It feels like a well loved and comfy quilt.

And finally, one of my favorite that anyone has made is by Brit Inger Johnsson. Aren’t these colors just fantastic? And I love how she did quilting horizontally and vertically. Ooh. I just love this one!!! It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I just love it that everyone is really going for it with their linings! The lining is so important!

Thanks to everyone who has sent in bags! I can’t wait to see what else comes my way.

20 Replies to “A Normal Feeling Visit and So Many Frankenbags”

  1. Glad you had a good “time-out” with your brother. Do it feel strange and unusual to not have your sewing machine with you? The pix of the Frankenbags are wonderful and your fans are just running wild with the inspiration you provided. Have you ever thought about writing a book about all the different types of bags you make? You’d be good at it as your tutorial skills are excellent.

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    1. Maybe I’ll do more instruction when I retire. Too busy actually making things now!!!

      It was a good few days away from home. It’s been a long time.


  2. Having never made a bag before I need a step by step tutorial. Please recommend one!
    I have scraps galore and would like to play with them to make something useful.

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  3. You say you go “down” to your brother’s in Coquille, OR, where do you live? I am 60 miles north of Seattle. Beautiful dogs….I am very much a dog lover! Linda Allen, Mount Vernon, WA

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  4. I just got back from visiting my 92 year old mom I hadn’t seen in two years. So good to see another place and enjoy family.

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  5. I just love this bag and have been saving all of the emails for ideas. I haven’t figured out which to make for myself yet, but will share it when I do. <3. Love the puppies, too! We just came back from Oregon ourselves on Sunday. We spent a week in Roseburg and made our annual (Except for last year due to covid) trek to Bandon for the day. We saw two pups like yours playing in and out of the surf chasing balls or frisbees perhaps.. ❤

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  6. When I looked at the photo with your brother, I found it interesting to notice how much your dogs adore you, probably as much as you do. Enjoy the time they are with you, we miss them so much when they are gone…

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    1. Hahaha! They do keep their focus on me! That’s a border collie for you. I had Jack Russells for years. I loved them but I had to work a lot harder to be the center of their world!


    1. My brother’s place is very quiet and peaceful and they are easy going people. It’s a nice place to go to relax and recharge.

      Send a photo of your bag when you’re done!


  7. Your Frankenbags Are truly awesome. I see dozens and dozens of them on Pinterest. I was hoping to go to your website and find photos of all of them in your gallery…. but I don’t. Are they there and I am missing them? Your creativeness is inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. I’m in the process of putting together a blog post of all the bags I’ve made. But I can’t finish it because I keep making more bags! I think I’ve made 25 or so. If you check out my Instagram page you might find it easier to browse through and see them all. Most of them have been posted there. https://www.instagram.com/agilejack/


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