OPF Frankenbag is Done

I finished up my latest Frankenbag last night but waited to take photos outside today. Here’s the front.

I love the really scrappy and earthy feel of this one. It’s so fun to use up fabrics that were given by a good friend and end up with something so happy.

Here’s the back of the bag.

Yum! It feels like warm cinnamon.

I’m pretty happy with the lining too. This is a Brandon Mably design that I bought on a crazy cheap sale a few years ago. I didn’t have any plan for it, but it felt perfect for this bag.

GAH! So much amazing color! Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!!!

And I have to say, this little tag looks really good with these earthy fabrics.

I was wondering what I was going to make next and then I got a request for another bag. I am starting to think about an improv approach to a new quilt… thinking I might basically make a bunch of 17×17 inch panels, like I make for these bags, and then assemble them into a quilt. I have a specific idea tumbling around in my head. I’ll give it a little more thought…

I’ve also been thinking that I want to get the backs pieced for several quilts that I’ve made in the last 15 months. There are a few that I actually have plans for and I might as well get them ready to head off to the long armer so they’re ready for the holidays.

There are also one or two that I’ll be keeping for myself. And it makes me wonder just how many quilts I need. Maybe it’s more about how many I WANT!

I’ve received photos of another Frankenbag made by Paulette Aldrich.

I love the red, black and white. And the pops of green on the back are so perfect! And what about that lining? It’s so cute with all those pointy ears! I also love the zipper pockets Paulette put in this bag. Very nice!

I got together with some friends tonight to practice some dog agility. Rico did a fantastic job! He loves it so much and puts it all on the line, and this is what he looks like after his turn…

THAT is a happy dog!

It was warm out there tonight but not as hot as it’s gonna get!

I’ve been trying a new type of brush on Bender and it’s really working! This is from the second brushing… and all that hair is from his butt!!!

I probably got at least twice that much out of the rest of his coat. He really needed a good brushing. I bet he feels better too. He’s going to be very surprised when he gets a nice cool hose bath this weekend!

15 Replies to “OPF Frankenbag is Done”

  1. Oh, my! Bender lost a lot of fur! And still smiling 🥰! Your idea of piecing panels reminds me of quilt as you go quilts, that would look so neat. Be careful in the heat this weekend 🤯

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  2. Hi, would you please show me a picture of the brush you used on your dog. I have a very hairy golden that I think could match your dog hair for hair. Thanks.

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  3. How would I go about buying one if your bags and how much are they? Each one is gorgeous. I tried to make my own, but it does not compare. Thanks

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  4. Lovely bags and beautiful dog . Would you put a tutorial on how do your triangle or flag piecing zipper bags and Aboriginal fabric pouch please they are awesome. Thankyou


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