A Busy Weekend and Looking Forward

I’ve been so busy since I last posted. I had Rico entered in a dog agility competition over the weekend and it took up a lot of time and completely wore me out!

Rico was waaaay excited to be out there competing again… it’s been more than 1.5 years since we went to an agility competition! He was so excited that we didn’t do very well, competition wise. But we did have a good time and saw a lot of friends that we haven’t seen for a long time. It was a wonderful weekend.

That’s Rico at the agility trial. He had to get his official measurement, which determines how high he will have to jump during his agility career. He is a big kid and will have to jump in a class with the big dogs. It feels odd to have it be official that he’s big!

I’ve been working on my latest Frankenbag over the last few evenings, where I’ve had time here and there. Last night I finished the body of the bag and got the lining all ready to sew in place.

This is the bag made all from fabric a friend of mine gave me. It’s all KFC fabrics and it’s a bit of a different and more earthy feel for me, but I really like it! it’s darker, but still bright and vibrant. Here’s the other side.

I’ll probably finish the lining tomorrow evening and then get it photographed and ready for shipping.

I received a big piece of red Kaffe Mosaic Circles in the mail today. It’s so gorgeous!!!

I’ve been keeping an eye out for sales since I wanted to use this as the backing for my scrappy Kaffe trip quilt. I got a good deal on this and it’s going to be perfect for this quilt.

It’s always nice to get backing fabric on sale!

I had Friday off and had originally planned to take a drive to the coast but my friend who was going to go along wasn’t able to go. So I decided to stay a little closer to home and took the dogs for an 8 mile walk on the Banks Vernonia trail. It was a gorgeous walk and the weather was just perfect.

Here’s the boys getting a little dip in the stream at about mile seven.

We’ve got some really hot weather coming up this weekend. Our herding lesson has been canceled because we can’t work the sheep when it’s that hot, and it’s hard on the dogs and people too.

It used to be that June was still cool and rainy in Portland. It just keeps getting hotter and drier. I’m feeling very fortunate that I have central air conditioning.

I’m guessing I’ll get a good deal of sewing done this weekend as it will be too hot to do anything outside.

I continue to receive photos of Frankenbags from blog readers. It’s so much fun to see what everyone is making.

Here’s one of my favorites, and mostly because I love the story from Madeline Aron.

I love Madeline’s bag, but I love even more that she pushed herself beyond her comfort zone. And look what she came up with! Amaze balls!!!

Here’s another bag from Birthe Aust. Love those black and whites. Birthe has made a number of these bags and they’re all really pretty!

This next one is from Susan Cook. She’s also made a number of these bags. I love the way she used the applique circles on this one. And that black and white is all so fantastic!

Next up is Beth Lynyard Odishoo. I love that great big star, and the colors are really pretty too.

This next bag was made by Sharon Galli. I just love this one. It feels tailored and structured, but still soft and comfy. And I love the graphic impact of that bold horizontal stripe. So nice!

This next ones are from Linda Scarf. I think it’s two bags. These are really graphic and fun bags! I love the triangles in the first one and the big star in the third one. And I do love me some flying geese! Nice job Linda!

And the last one for tonight is from Dosey Brown Pike. The pictures are a little dark, but I love that star with the green border! Really nice and bold! And I do love green. Looks like Dosey did a really good job of using up some orphan blocks.

Big thanks to everyone for sharing photos! I’m having a blast seeing what others have made.

13 Replies to “A Busy Weekend and Looking Forward”

  1. Hi I’m from qld Australia & I am making your bag.. I have used all the bits left over from my years of quilting…I hope to put it together tomorrow…I am going to pop in a couple of pockets inside..[Image]

    Jayne Herbert


    0438 022 520


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  2. Nothing like some hot weather to make one want to stay inside and sew! Everywhere I look on Pinterest – there you are! Frankenbags all over the place. What next?


    1. There are a lot of people here who don’t have air conditioning. You just didn’t need it several years ago. But the summers are getting to where it’s hard to get by without it. It looks like it will cool down some next week, but still quite hot for us.


  3. Beautiful totes, each one so unique! Love the quilt and your backing will be perfection 💖. I remember those few miserably hot days we usually had in July when living in Woodland Washington. We always headed to either Lake Merwyn or the Coast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. We are lucky that it usually cools down after a few days of heat. But the summers are much hotter overall than when they were when I first moved to Portland in 2010. I fear we may have lost our cool summers forever.



  4. Another display of colourful bags! Whilst you’re baking in heat we’re shivering in the freezing cold – I’m already looking forward to Spring. Love the red Mosaic colorway, beautifully bright.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh! Are you in Australia? I have a friend who lives there and we fight over the sun all the time. When we’re losing it, you’re taking it away!

      And I agree. That red fabric is so gorgeous! I’m so happy I found it on sale!



  5. Oh my goodness where have you been all my life! I’ve been wanting to use up left overs from a scrappy stars quilt and couldn’t get there. Until now… I’ll keep you posted with pix. I see this as a new obsession… LOL. Thanks for all the useful tips, too. Glad I don’t have to reinvent the wheel so to speak

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