100 Brassica Cards are Done and Packaged

Wow! That went fast! I got all 100 Brassica cards assembled and packaged up.

I’m getting really fast at making these! It’s amazing how quickly you can move when you figure out a system.

Oh, and my stickers arrived today and I love them! They are a very nice touch to these packages of cards.

And these cards are so gorgeous! I love the variation in each card within a color way. I’m really glad I went with different color ways of the brassica.

Here’s a clear view of one of each color way. I’ve packaged these cards into sets of ten cards — one card from each color way.

Look how gorgeous those are!!! I love it when the fabric happily works that hard!

Here’s each set of cards by color way. The variation within each color way is so incredible.

I also got labels put on the Aboriginal card sets I finished up the other night. They look so cool!

Here’s a closer view…

I also took a minute to put these little stickers on the sets of smaller colored cards with KFC fabrics.

Stickers everywhere!

Here’s all the 5×7 cards I’ve made in the last few days. There’s another box of the smaller cards.

Note to self… put the stickers on the top of the card pack… not the bottom.

Today was a gorgeous day following our weekend of rain. I was actually cold in the house this morning, but it’s way too early to turn the furnace on.

I took the boys for our regular walk this evening on our regular route. And I noticed something that I’ve never noticed before… boulders! A perfect opportunity to take a photos of my boys. How could I walk past that spot literally hundreds of times and not notice those boulders?

That’s a pretty damned cute photo!

Unbelievably, I don’t have any photos of Frankenbags to share tonight!

So what’s up next for me? I really want to make a Frankenbag using the octopus fabric. And… I’ve promised myself that I’m going to start working on one of my many UFOs.

It will be interesting to see if that actually happens.

22 Replies to “100 Brassica Cards are Done and Packaged”

    1. I usually post on Facebook when I have stuff to sell. I’ve never tried to post stuff on my blog but I might do that this year. I can’t make enough to keep an online shop stocked.


  1. These cards are so lovely! I like the way you’ve placed the blossoms annnd your dogs are so adorable and silly ! I’d love to purchase a pack ! just tell me where to send my check! cheers, Lucia

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