A Lazy, Rainy Weekend and More and More Cards

After our very hot and very dry summer, it was incredibly refreshing to have two days of significant rain this weekend. I actually had to wear a jacket to walk the dogs this evening!

The sun did peak out a little today. And we had some really nice showers.

I didn’t get a ton done this weekend. I was, in fact, a little lazy. But I think I needed it.

I did accomplish SOMETHING this weekend. I finished up more than 80 cards made with Aboriginal fabrics and got them all packaged up. Here’s cards showing the different fabrics I used for these cards.

Good grief! Those fabrics are so amazing!

I divided all the cards up into sets of ten and packaged them in cellophane bags.

I ended up with eight packages of ten cards and had a few cards left over for me. Here’s a close up of one of the packages.

I ordered some stickers that should be arriving in the next day or so. They will be a nice finishing touch on these packages.

I decided that I’m going to make some card sets from ten different color ways of Philip Jacobs’ brassica. Tonight I got all the fabric cut and prepared with Heat and Bond and ready to be cut for cards.

I was anxious to see how the cards would look so I finished ten cards out of this gorgeous purple color way.

Oh my god! Look at that fabric! And I have to say, I prefer it cut randomly rather than fussy cut. I love how graphic it is and I think the patterns are crazy interesting! GAH! Here’s a close up of one so you can enjoy this spectacular fabric!

I’ll work away on these cards over the next couple of nights. And then I want to get to some unfinished quilts.

But I’ve also been thinking about a new bag idea. I want to make something that has exterior pockets that are sort of constructed as part of the bag body. I made a few drawings and measurements earlier today. I’m not quite where I need to be to start cutting and sewing.

I’ll probably make this out of either denim or some linen that I have in my stash. My plan is to make the body plain and give it a pop with a KFC pocket lining and bag lining. I still have some figuring out to do. I’m also thinking of using some of the faux leather I have on the bottom section of the bag. I need to get my ideas organized and drawn out.

I took the dogs and met a friend this morning to do some dog agility training at a really lovely barn down in Canby, Oregon. It was so great to get outside and just have fun with the dogs. Can you tell that Rico enjoyed himself?

Rico is a sweetie pie, but he’s also a slobber puss! I’ve never had a dog who has a mouth as wet as Rico’s! That means that a lot of flotsam and jetsam sticks to his tongue, his face, and his toys. Oh, and it’s usually all over my hands!

I got a lot more photos of Frankenbags made by my blog readers over the last few days.

This first one was made by Sally Ekhardt. I love the bright colors and how she made the front and back different color stories. It’s just so happy and cheerful.

This next bag is from Niki Sager and I love it. It’s such an interesting combo of colors and fabrics. This makes me want to dig into my stash and see if I could duplicate this color story. I love it!

Next up is this bag made by Diane Levine and I just love it! It’s so fun to see others strike out and make what I had so much fun with. And look at her fun lining! It’s got all the colors of the fabrics on the front of the bag. So cute!

This next one was made by Linda Allen. She appliqued that great big bloom on the front of the bag! It’s so much fun with the scrappy treatment on the back of the bag. And that lining… well, it’s one of my favorite fabrics and it’s great as a lining!

The next bag was made by Eve Nicholls. She made this all with hand sewing. It’s made from figgy “needle cord,” or a fine wale corduroy as we Americans call it. Not only is it hand sewn, but it’s hand quilted too. I think that cat might be as impressed as I am!

Up next is this bag from Anita Goodson. I love the way she left that big bloom intact. And I love the cool feel of her colors. This bag reminds me of a glacier.

This next bag was made by Aimee Kaneko. She had seen the bag I made with corgis and wanted to use some corgi fabric she had on hand… and she has a cute little corgi. I like the way she combined the corgi fabric with other fabrics. It’s bright and very eclectic. And look at that pupper!

This next bag was made by Susan Marocco and it’s so much fun! I just love the way she used that octopus fabric! It’s so organic and the movement is amazing! I’ve been wanting to use some octopus in a Frankenbag, and now I’m sorry Susan beat me to it! And if you look closely, you’ll see a lot of hand quilting is this bag too. What a fun bag!!! And all kinds of ideas are flying around in my head!

The last one tonight was made by Una at Woolywalkers on Instagram. I just love this bag and natural and soft look and feel of the fabric. She made the bag from fabric left over from a chair project. I love how soft and squishy this bag looks. This is really the comfy look I had in mind when I made my first Frankenbag.

Thanks to everyone who sent photos! I’m having so much fun seeing what you all are making!

14 Replies to “A Lazy, Rainy Weekend and More and More Cards”

    1. I can’t yodel! And I really want to be able to!

      The boys don’t seem to miss Jolene. She was so funny when her owner showed up on Friday. I think she was sure that she lived with us now!


  1. Hi Anne.

    I love your yard! And all the potted plants on the decking. Glad you are getting the rain you need.

    Also love the grinning happy doggie! Love the pup, love the pupper slobber!

    Thank you for continuing to post photos of all the bags – so much inspiration – keeps me wanting to sew. The international flavor of the correspondents adds to the pleasure. And I, too, am working on plans for a somewhat smaller everyday purse-sized bag with at least one external pocket maybe to slip my keys into.

    As for the notecards – their beauty speaks for them!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Susan! I know that I’m getting so many ideas from all these bags! I can’t keep up with the ideas!

      And I just love hearing from people all over the world! It’s been really fun, especially during the pandemic!



  2. These bags are fantastic! The octopus fabric with hand quilting? The soft muted bag featured last with covered buttons on the bottom! They are all great. And your cards are so fun

    Liked by 1 person

  3. God I love the cards and the dog and the bags.They are all so different but love fabric and color. I am going to have to make one after I finish my Frankie quilt

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This rain was really nice. But now the forecast is dry as far as it goes out. Our rainy season should start in about a month and last nine months. We’ll see if that happens this year.


  4. Love your sense of colour and design. I have made three Frankenbags so far and have started another. This is a photo of the bag that I use most often when I am out and about. It is amazing how many compliments I receive when I have this bag with me! [image: IMG_4354.JPG][image: IMG_4355.JPG]

    And this one I gave to my daughter who teaches middle school and loves this tote to carry all her “cool school stuff”.

    [image: IMG_4407.JPG][image: IMG_4409.JPG][image: IMG_4408.JPG]

    I am loving your notecards too. Might start playing with some of those. Love what you do and how you inspire others.

    Judith Tompkins Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada


  5. Do you cut with a cricuit machine or something like that. I just note things & I wonder when you sleep. That is why you are so productive. Plus you are young with energy. Yahoo!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    Shirley Cawyer


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    1. I cut everything on my mat with a rotary cutter. I do like to find ways to do things efficiently and quickly. It’s a lot quicker to make these from yardage than it is from scraps.

      I need to go to bed earlier. I love staying up late and hate getting up in the morning!



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