A Homebody Saturday

Rico’s weekly sheep herding lesson was canceled for today. So I planned to spend a nice and rainy Saturday at home.

After breakfast we took a nice long 5 mile walk. I knew the rain would start in the afternoon so a second walk was unlikely. We walked at a good clip!

The boys were happy to start the day with a nice long walk. The got to pose on a stump. They thought it was somewhat lame.

We really lucked out on the rain. We didn’t get more than a sprinkle at any time during our walk. But it rained most of the afternoon and evening.

When we got home I cleaned up the kitchen and made a big pot of split pea soup. It turned out really good and made a nice early dinner.

After I had the soup on the stove I hit the sewing room to finish up some little tree ornaments I started last night. Last night I got them to the stage where they were ready to sew together. I had 16 ready to quilt today. Here’s a few of them.

Once I got them all quilted I sewed a back onto all the fronts, got strings basted in place, and got them all trimmed, turned inside out and pressed. Then I started stuffing them and sewing them closed. I got a lot of them done.

I have five more to stuff and sew closed. I will probably get them done tomorrow. Then that will be it for ornaments this year. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the more than twenty I’ve made so far. So it’s probably time to stop!

I’ve gotten photos of several Frankenbags in the last few days.

This first one was made by Debra Gabrielson. I just love her color combos. It feels so rich. She made this bag from leftovers from a quilt she made several years ago. What a great use for those leftovers!

Next up is this bag from Sheryl Karle. I love the way she combined turquoise and orange in this bag. And that graphic black and white stripe is great! A nice bold lining too!

Next are two bags from Cherry Naylor. She has made A LOT of these bags. I just love how she used those great big blooms on this one. And the bold pinwheels on the back are fantastic!

Next is a bag made by Cindy Clark. this is her third Frankenbag. And more orange! I tell yah, it’s a great color. People need to be more ok with Orange! It gets a bad rap but I love it!

Next is this one made by Bibi Eriksson. She’s from Orsa in the north of Sweden. I love her fabrics and colors, and I love how she’s used that striped fabric! And this bag looks so well made. I may be wrong, but I’m guessing Bibi is a member of the Swedish Quilt guild.

Last up tonight is this bag made by Deb Solomon. I love the huge prints she’s used on her bag, and those little peeks of green on the side are so good! And I just love that black and white lining!

Thanks to everyone who shared photos of their bags! I might actually whip one up tomorrow. I have to get moving on my holiday gifts.

14 Replies to “A Homebody Saturday”

  1. A friend of mine just made up the pattern for the tall, flat quilted Christmas Tree and made some tiny ornaments. She sewed red buttons on the tree in places and hung the ornaments on the buttons. She did not stuff her ornaments since the tree is a flat wall hanging, the ornaments are flat also. Just another cute idea. I may have to make her a tree or two for her tree hanging. Your ideas are always so cute! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. You always get so much done in a day, just amazing! Those darling tree ornaments are adorable….even an extra pocket in the back would be cute to add a gift card and give to friends/mailperson, etc. Love the first bag and how she repurposed some leather type handles.

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  3. You have started a Frankenbag making pandemic! And I’ve been infected. So far I’ve made 7.5 of them and I’m starting on your tree ornaments today . Love them. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your passions!

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  4. I love that you make things that you aren’t sure what you will do with. 🤣 My sewing room is filled with such things! The other commenters have given you a lot of great suggestions about what to do with those adorable trees.
    You really do get a lot done!

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    1. My favorite part of the process is figuring stuff out. Once I get it down I get bored with making the same thing over and over. I’m guessing these will all be given away, one by one.


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