Aboriginal Fabric Frankenbag Completed

I had a good sleep in this morning, then got up and had a good breakfast and a couple cups of coffee. Then I bundled up and took Bender and Rico for a nice four mile walk in the cold sunshine.

Today is our last day of dry and cold weather for a while. The temps are going up and the rain is coming back tomorrow.

It was a little tough to get Bender moving, but he did ask me to wish you a Happy New Year!

After our nice long walk I made a couple of feed bag totes for a friend that I’m going to see tomorrow. She had given me some of her chicken feed bags and I wanted to make her some totes to say thanks. She also has some brand new baby chicks that I’m going to go see tomorrow. Then we’re meeting some friends for some dog agility training. It will be good to see everyone.

After the feed bags, I got working on the pockets and placket for the Aboriginal fabrics Frankenbag that I’ve been making. I’ve had a good number of people ask me for my Frankenbag tutorial, so I’m linking to it here.

I added a generous slip pocket on one side…

And a zipper/slip pocket on the other side…

I used a method that has you make a faced opening in your pocket and then sew the zipper in once the opening is done. Rather than putting the opening in the actual lining, I made a separate pocket and sewed it on so it also serves as a slip pocket.

Here’s a video tutorial I followed to make this opening. I made up the rest of the pocket construction. I will make my next zipper pocket like she does in the video on my next bag. Mine was way too complicated!

Once the pockets were done and sewn onto my lining pieces, I made and installed the zipper placket. You can find my tutorial for how I do my zipper plackets here.

Here are some photos of the completed bag.

And the two different interior pockets.

This turned out to be a lot of construction but it looks really well made and fees substantial! But I AM going to simplify that zipper pocket. I made it a lot more complicated than it needed to be!

I was laughing as I turned the bag right side out after sewing the lining to the bag. It reminded me of childbirth!

And yet, somehow it always works!

I’m not sure what I’m going to work on tomorrow. Thinking I’ll either start another Frankenbag for a gift for a friend, or I might work on my scrappy sunburst quilt.

26 Replies to “Aboriginal Fabric Frankenbag Completed”

  1. This bag is beautiful. I know what you mean about zippers. Thanks for sharing your Craft. I miss bound buttonholes myself.. hah hah πŸ₯΄NOT, but beautiful..

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    1. Oh, buttonholes. My machine does an amazing job making them, but I make them so seldom I always have to either find video tutorials or refer to my manual. It take a long time just to remember how to do them!


  2. Sew beautiful!!! Very inspiring!
    We finally have that cold weather here in San Antonio ❄
    Perfect weather for sewing!
    Glad Bender walked off that hangover 🀣

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  3. I love that you are adding neat features to the already incredible frankenbag. Thank you for the links and instructions. I also am a huge dog agility fan so I look forward to reading about how the training is going. Thanks!!

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    1. It’s always nice to make improvements to an existing idea. But this think took a long time to make! I need to get more efficient and not have to refer to my own tutorials. But good thing I have it all written down!


  4. Thanks for all the photos and tutorials about those bags! I had to show that photo of Bender to my husband and we both laughed and laughed. His expressions kind of tell us what he is thinking about all of this! Thanks for the laugh of the day.

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  5. Thank you so much for your generosity Anne. A great tutorial. I haven’t started a bag yet…but I will. πŸ™‚ We have always had Border Collies..as we live rural.
    I think thats what your two boys are. They are fantastic dogs, and our last one who is still with us, will be 17 this year.

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    1. Oh my… such an old dog. Bender’s dad lived to be almost 17, and his mom lived until she was 16. I think he will live until he’s 20! And yes, they are great dogs!

      I hope you make a bag! Would love to see what you make!



  6. Have 2022! And Bender looks like he has his hangover under control πŸ˜€. I love your bags! I’ve working on making blocks I’ve never tried before so that I can make one. Thanks!

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  7. I really had a good laugh at Bender’s expense. Such a trooper! I have plenty of aboriginal fabric left, and I am so taken with this bag I MUST make one! Soon, I think. Love all the bags you’ve been showing.

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    1. Welcome! I’m glad you found me!

      I like to purchase fabrics from my local quilt stores and have purchased most of my Aboriginal fabrics from various stores I visit. I do have a local store that has a really good selection of these fabrics, and they have an online store. Here’s a link to their website. https://www.pioneerquiltshop.com/

      I also purchased some from a seller on Etsy a month or so ago. You can find quite a few sellers on Etsy by searching for Aboriginal fabrics.

      Until you get familiar with them, you might want to see if you can stay with M&S designs. They are authentic Aboriginal designs. There are a good number of knock offs on the market and the designs aren’t as nice and the fabric quality isn’t as good.

      Good luck!

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    1. It was cold and my glasses got all fogged up after walking my dogs! I love walking when it’s cold!!!

      And thanks for your comments on my bag. That was a fun one! I just love those Aboriginal fabrics!



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