Yellow Frankenbag with Lots of Black and White

I had today off and will enjoy my final day off tomorrow. It was really rainy today. We were able to get a walk late this morning. Most of it was in either no rain or light rain. But the first mile was pretty wet.

These boys don’t mind. They LOVE getting rubbed down with a towel when they’re wet!

Aside from our walk this morning and a short walk after dinner, I spent the entire day in the house. So I decided to crank out another Frankenbag for a gift for a friend… a late holiday gift.

I dug into some blocks that a friend gave me that are made with a lot of KFC fabrics and some other fabrics thrown in. I picked out some that read yellow and started cutting and designing. I decided to use lots of Brandon Mably’s black and white designs for a different look.

Here’s the mostly finished bag. I did realize as I was sewing the top stitching on the top of the bag that I forgot to add the zipper placket before I finished the lining. I’ll add it tomorrow after the fact. I was too tired when I got done and needed to be fresh to make sure it looks nice!

I consider this the front of the bag. It really doesn’t matter, it just affects where I put the pockets and how I position the zipper placket.

Here’s a close up of that sweet little bird in the upper right.

Here’s the other side of the bag.

I just love all that black and white! It gives the blocks such a different feel. I really had fun cutting up the blocks my friend gave me.

Here’s the pockets on the inside. There’s a double slip pocket and a zipper pocket made from the tutorial I linked to in my last blog post. I made the zipper pocket really generous.

I just love that onion rings fabric for the inside of that zipper pocket! What a fun pop of graphic bliss! And this simpler zipper pocket is much better than the more complicated one I made in the Aboriginal fabric bag I finished a few days ago. I will use this more simple approach in future bags.

I think I will make the zipper placket out of the onion rings fabric. I think it will tone down the yellow lining a bit and will be a nice element with all the black and white on the outer bag. I’ll decide for sure tomorrow.

Here’s a view of the bag with a peek at the lining. I really like it!

I realized today that it’s been seven years since I bought my Bernina. This picture was taken the day I bought it.

This machine has been a work horse for me. It would be fun to know how many hours of sewing I’ve put on this baby. And that reminds me… I do need to take this in for its annual service. Luckily I have a great local shop that is quick and does a great job.

I bought the Bernina from a friend of mine who is a very accomplished quilter. She was getting rid of it because she was having some issues with her sight and needed a machine that had a better lighting system. I got a screaming deal on it from her. It’s much more machine than I’ll ever need, but I love it all the same.

I have a bunch of Frankenbags from readers to share with you tonight.

First up is this gorgeous bag from Maddie Pepe. I just love this bag! The fish fabric on the front. The graphic black and white. All the saturated colors. I just love it. And she’s added some extra pockets. I love it when people customize their own bags!

Next up is the bag made by Celia Garcia Goins. I love that green, yellow and black, and those little pears are so cute! This is her first bag of 2022 and she made it in four hours! I think there may be more in her future!

Next up is a whole bunch of bags made by Tina Hadden. Tina has made some customizations to the Frankenbag with all kinds of padded pockets, different handle applications, and she’s used some really fun fabrics.

Here’s the first one. I just love those little sun panels! What a great use for that fabric. And the tree on the other side is really cool. The third photo shows some of Tina’s customizations.

Here’s Tina’s second bag. I love all those stripes and graphic black and whites, and I love those dark and colorful fabrics. You can she she’s made a single shoulder strap on this bag.

Her third bag has another one of those fun trees and Kaffe’s Jupiter design is so perfect for a tree! I’ll have to remember that! And I love that huge red bloom with all the black and white. And look at all those pockets on the inside. Plus another shoulder strap. I’ve actually been wanting to make one with a single strap.

Here’s Tina’s fourth bag.

… and number five… this one reminds me that I’ve wanted to make one out of Brandon’s octopus fabric. I need to make another one for a late holiday gift. It might have to be from octopus!

And finally, her sixth bag!!! Another fun one with the contrast KFC fabrics, big blooms, and that fun piece of onion rings! Love it!

Thanks to everyone who sent photos!

One more day off. I hope I can be productive. I have a few errands to run but do plan to get some sewing done.

28 Replies to “Yellow Frankenbag with Lots of Black and White”

  1. I have only recently found your blog (always last to the party) and I love it. Your bags are a joyous riot of colour – happiness in bag form. You have really inspired me to have a go and find a use for all those pieces of beautiful fabric I keep, but don’t know what to do with.

    As a huge fan of Kaffe Fasset Collective fabrics, I keep even the smallest piece and, in anticipation of starting a bag inspired by you and your followers, have ordered a few more KF fabrics, just in case. Well, a girl can never have too much fabric in her stash 🤭

    Your blogs are hugely entertaining, the tutorials are excellent and wep have the added bonus of seeing your gorgeous dogs. They look super cute wearing their towels after a rainy walk.

    Must go as I have to go and gaze at my fabric stash and plan my first Frankenbag. So cheers from a grey and rainy Wales, here in the UK.

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    1. Wow! Thanks! It’s been really fun hearing from people all over the world and seeing what they make. I know I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration.

      I guess I’m glad we’re not the only ones with grey, dreary winters. I’m really hungry for some sun!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your sweet fur babies are so photogenic! They always give me a big smile! Wowza! All those bags are gorgeous! It’s good to know your Bernina is going strong after 7 years of so much fabulous sewing! I just bought mine in November and love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooohhh I love the yellow with black and whites. Well really any color with lots of black and whites! And the wet pups pix. What can I say besides… Awww. They are so patient and adorable. These Frankenbags are addicting aren’t they?! Thoroughly enjoying everyone’s creativity.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I hear you!!! Not quite as many as you but think I’m up to 7 or 8. With another already started! And so many ideas from every other bag you keep posting. LOL

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  4. Your two dogs look at you so adoringly! You can tell they’re really happy. I wanted to ask you about the easier zipper pocket application you mention in this post. If you did a tutorial ,please tell, me where I can find it as I’d like to use it in the bag I’m working on. THANKS,

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  5. “Google” how many hours have I sewn on my Bernina – directions on how to access that information will pop up – I’m always surprised by the numbers because I sew every day! – a blog reader

    Sent from my iPad


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  6. I love these bags. Do you have a pattern. I have a group of friends and we call ourselves “The Coffee Gangsters.” We are NOT old-😂- just older. I would love to make one for each of them. Keep me busy, give them joy. I “lost” my daughter, my husband “lost” his son and I look for projects to make me smile.
    You are so much fun. And they were so much fun.
    Jacque in Austin, Texas


  7. Hello, love all the bags. That yellow really pops with the black and white designs. I also love the way Tina has added pockets galore in her bags. That would be a must for me.

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  8. I love your frankenbags, you have motivated me to to use up some specialty fabrics for family bags. But…I really love seeing pictures of your sweet puppies.

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  9. Love your Dogs, they have such expressive faces!
    Every franken bag was stunning, the big flower, the tree with the knot hole, amazing art…..someday I will make one

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  10. I have a Bernina that I need to take in for a servicing. I live in Hood River and we no longer have a shop that does repairs. Where do you take your machine? Thanks!!

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    1. Modern Domestic sells Berninas and has a great service guy. Much faster than other places and deep Bernina knowledge. They have a couple locations. One on Alberta, I think. and one in Lake Oswego. I go to the one in Lake O because it’s convenient to where I live.


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