Put That Succulent Bag in the Done Pile!

I’ve had a good number of people ask me about the tutorial I used for making the little trash bucket that I shared last night.

Here’s a link to the tutorial I used. It’s quick and easy and I use it all the time! It hangs on a knob on the buffet next to my desk.

I took Rico to his sheep herding lesson this morning, and he was brilliant, of course. Then we stopped at the park that has the creek, up in Vancouver, to get a nice run in and some splashing before we headed home.

It takes a lot of sticks to have fun in the creek. A lot of them get lost in the water.

Although the dogs get a lot of running in at that park, I don’t get as much exercise. Maybe 1.5 miles of walking, if I’m lucky. And it’s pretty slow walking. So when I got home, I leashed up the boys and took them for a 3 mile walk. Then I picked up some rock fish tacos for dinner from a local seafood restaurant. They were so good.

After dinner I hit the sewing room to finish up the succulent bag I’ve been working on. And I did get it done. Here’s the front.

And the back…

And the tag that I love so much… I actually sewed it to the correct side of the bag this time!

My lining and pockets ended up being pretty low key. I used a green batik that was used on the bag panels. (Click on each image to enlarge it.)

A few months ago I purchased some metal zippers in a couple different sizes. The color of these zippers is much more stark white than I had hoped, so I dyed half of them with tea tonight to tone down the white a little.

I just brewed up a bowl of Lipton tea and dunked the zippers in. I let them sit in the tea for about 45 minutes.

Here’s how the color changed. They are sort of a soft taupe now. Much better than the stark white. Tea-dyed on the left. Original zipper on the right.

The white is actually much more bright white than this photo shows. It needed to be toned down a bit.

And now I have a bunch of tea dyed zippers drying on a towel in my kitchen.

I’m going to meet a friend tomorrow for some dog agility training and then we’re going to pick up some lunch and sit out in the sun to eat it. It sounds so fantastic! We just have to take advantage of this amazing weather because it won’t last.

16 Replies to “Put That Succulent Bag in the Done Pile!”

  1. Another amazing bag! It is really pretty and the nice quilting on it makes it even more showy ! I like the idea of tea dying the white zippers , thank you for always sharing great tips , ideas and how to”s .
    If you could send some of the nice weather your having to Maine , it would be much appreciated !!. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ! Niki

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  2. What superlatives could I possibly use for the succulent bag? I’ll just settle on magnificent! The colors are just wonderful. Be still my beating heart!

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  3. Indeed your bags never fail to inspire! I’m equally impressed with your daily routines. I have days that I don’t make it out of my pjs (like today!). Retirement and no at-home pets allow for a fairly “flexible” schedule for me. Thanks again for all your inspiring projects!

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    1. the thought of spending an entire weekend day in the house nearly puts me over the edge. probably due to the fact that I’m stuck here all week because of work. I just have to get out and about on the weekends!


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