Quick Note on a Thursday

I met a friend after work to play some pickleball tonight. We didn’t actually play a game, but instead worked on drills to improve our skills. But it was still really fun! And it was good to take advantage of the good weather before the rain sets in tomorrow night.

When I got home I hurried and took the dogs for a quick walk and then spent just a few minutes in my sewing room.

I packaged up a birthday gift for a friend. I will get in in the mail tomorrow.

Then I Organized some fabric that arrived a few days ago. I had purchased some pieces that needed to be replaced in my stash.

The fabric in the plastic is an order that arrived last week. I had a gift certificate from Fenwick Fabrics and also made a trade with the owner and got a nice pile of fabric. I haven’t opened the package yet because I don’t know where I’m going to put it! And it’s packaged up so pretty. I’m enjoying looking at it. It’s around 15 yards of fabric.

The fabrics in the foreground are the most recent order. I ordered several color ways of Jumble, several color ways of Kaffe’s Lotus Leaf (one of my favorite Kaffe fabrics) and a couple other odds and ends.

This is such an amazing color way of the Lotus Leaf.

And I needed this other color way to finish cutting the pieces for a hat. If you remember I cut a couple of pieces wrong last week and didn’t have enough to cut the pieces needed for the hat.

So now that fabric will have a chunk cut out of it as it sits in my stash. It will drive me nuts!

Since I had all the pieces for this hat cut I went ahead and cut the interfacing pieces and got it all fused to the hat pieces. So I’ll be able to get right to sewing tomorrow night after work.

After making this mistake in cutting, I clearly marked all my pattern pieces so it’s clear what’s a regular piece and what’s an interfacing piece.

I ordered some paper tags and small pins so I can keep track of the sizes of the different hats I’m making. They’re pretty cute.

Spring here in Portland continues to be amazing. The peonies are looking pretty amazing right now. I saw these two on our walk today.

One more day and this short work week will finally be over.

10 Replies to “Quick Note on a Thursday”

    1. Not sure. I am hesitant to sell them for shipping because the sizing is so iffy. I might sell some in person. Haven’t decided yet. I might be losing my enthusiasm for making them. I might be lucky if I finish making all of the ones I cut out recently!


  1. Those peonies are amazing and so delicate! Your fabric stash also must be amazing! I love the lotus leaf💕 have a fun weekend. Be easy on yourself with pickle ball – a few of my friends had wrist, ankle and one had a shoulder injury, from falling down. I think they got a little aggressive with their competitiveness. Enjoy your weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m trying to focus on finesse rather than power in pickleball. The game is quite civilized and strategic. A lot of it is about control and finesse. But I can tell I’m not as young as I used to be!


  2. Always a happy day when we have new fabric arrive and Lotus Leaf is one of KF most beautiful designs I think. I also have it in every colour, it’s so versatile.
    Those peonies are just amazing, stunning colours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree about the Lotus Leaf. It’s really special and I buy it over and over because I use it over and over! I have two unfinished quilts that will be backed with it in different color ways.

      Another gorgeous peony seen today. Perfect time for them.



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