Rain, Rain…Go the Hell Away!

Today was a wet day. A really wet day. It’s been raining solid all day and my rain gauge tells me we’ve already gotten more than 1.5 inches… with a good deal of rain still to come.

I’m pretty unhappy that I spend another day of vacation stuck in the house. These boys are even more unhappy about this than I am.

They are so bored. They did absolutely nothing today except lay around the house and go for a short ride to the grocery store.

We’re all ready for this late spring rain to hit the road!

I got some really nuts and bolts stuff done in my sewing room today. First, I made a decision about the lining fabric I would use for my next hat. Philip Jacobs Dorothy in his original color way will be the outside. And I’ll use this vibrant jumble for the lining.

I looked at a lot of different options and kept coming back to this jumble. So it must be a good choice.

I got all the hat pieces cut and got the interfacing cut and fused on.

I also decided to cut interfacing for the eight hats I have cut out that are waiting to be made. These are mostly dupes of the hat’s I’ve already made since I can get two hats out of two half yards of fabric.

Cutting all the interfacing pieces for these hats went pretty fast because they don’t require the same precision as the hat and lining pieces require,

Here’s all the fused hat sets.

They make a nice little stack of sunlight on a rainy day.

My friend who received the birthday gift from me earlier this week sent me a photo of her at her birthday dinner wearing the octopus hat I made her. She said it fits perfectly!

She’s the person who introduced me to quilting and to Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics all these years ago. I’m really glad to see her wearing this hat! And now I want to make a couple more out of that octo fabric!

I had planned to sew that Dorothy hat together this evening but I was reminded of a special event tomorrow that needed to prepare for.

For a few years, a group of friends and I have been getting together for the Northwest International Potluck Food Association (NIPFA) dinners. This is a fancy name for a very casual group of people! We choose a country and then make dishes from that country. We meet at someone’s house and enjoy the food together.

Tomorrow’s NIPFA meeting will be with Finnish food. I am sort of notorious for finding some kind of stew or soup recipe for these dinners. I just love soup and soup is easy to make ahead and take a long.

So I started out on an internet search a few weeks ago to find a Finnish salmon soup recipe and came across this one. It’s called Lohikeitto. I’m going to have to pronounce that with confidence tomorrow!

Since I had forgotten about the dinner until early this evening, I had to hurry to the grocery store to get everything I needed to make this. I’m hoping it will look like the picture when it’s done.

Mmmmm. I just love soup!

When I got home I prepped some of the veggies and the fish for the soup. It’s a pretty simple recipe so I’ll actually make it at my friend’s house tomorrow, rather than making it ahead of time. I think it will be better if it’s piping fresh. I hate to think of what would happen to that expensive salmon if it had to sit too long.

I’ll take photos of the food tomorrow. I’m guessing it will be a lot of fish and a lot of beige and white.

14 Replies to “Rain, Rain…Go the Hell Away!”

  1. This is how I make all fish chowders although we usually use haddock or cod and only onions and potatoes, no carrots or leeks. I will try the recipe you suggested though, good to experiment. Wonderful and rich with salmon, quickly made and just plain satisfying! Glad you feel the same way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love a really tasty recipe that has simple ingredients and is easy to make. That’s good cooking. I once had some sweet potato tacos that were fantastic, but the sauce had 24 ingredients!!! I just kept walking!



  2. Rain, rain please come our way!!!
    Here in San Antonio it will be 104 🤬 its been in the 100’s or close to it with no end in site. I love your hats but I must say – I am missing your beautiful bags!
    That soup looks so delicious. I will look up the recipe and make it. I love salmon❤❤❤. Hope Rico and Bender get some outdoor time today.

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  3. Love the photo of your friend in the Octo hat! Aren’t you glad she introduced you to Kaffe fabrics? I’m still busy making Japanese Rice Bags.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I give some things away. And I sell some things. I don’t have any bags on hand at all now. I gave the most recent one away as a gift. Not sure what I’ll do with all these hats. Might sell them while I’m on vacation later this summer. I’m not crazy about selling them to ship because the sizing is so tough to know.



  4. what a fun potluck idea! It’s super hot here so we are staying in the house with the AC unless someone with a pool invites us over haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just love that Dorothy fabric. Someone made a hat from that fabric and posted it on the KFC Facebook page and that’s what started this whole thing! So I had to make one from that fabric!



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