Quick Finish For a Birthday Bag

It was another beautiful day here in Portland. I’m loving the weather now that it’s cooled down a little. It was so nice that Bender and Rico were content to hang out in the back yard all day as I worked.

We had a nice 3.5 mile walk after dinner. We all needed it because we didn’t get an afternoon walk today. The weather was just perfect.

Last night we saw a coyote near the end of our walk. It was a REAL coyote this time… not one of those yellow lab coyotes. It was standing right in the middle of the road about three blocks away from my house. By the time I got my phone out to get a photo, it had moved into the yard on the corner.

That’s a really terrible photo, but I swear that little gray smear is the coyote as it ran up that hill. Although I’m not particularly scared of coyotes as it’s really unlikely one would come after us with two big dogs, there’s something really creepy about seeing them in the dark!

We took our walk a little earlier tonight so were home before it got dark so there wasn’t much worry about coyotes.

Once we got home I hit my sewing room to finish up the blue birthday bag. I didn’t have much left to do so it didn’t take very long. (I’m adding the link to my Frankenbag tutorial here as I get comments on nearly every post asking me for it.)

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s definitely a totally different feel than the dark bag I finished a few days ago.

The back side actually is different from the front side. Honest.

I just love that blue ferns fabric for the lining. It seems more periwinkle to me than my photos show. It’s a gorgeous blue… and I’m not typically a blue person.

On this bag the white zippers are perfect!

Here’s some detail for your perusal.

Oof. That photo of my tag is pretty blurry.

Oh, and this is a good time to point out that I’ve started sewing my tags on by machine rather than by hand. I just set my machine for a zig zag stitch with a zero stitch length. I like the way it looks.

I went and played pickleball last night… the first time in nearly two weeks. The hot weather had kept me home. It was fun but I felt like I played like crap. I definitely felt pretty rusty. I’m going to play again tomorrow night and am hoping I’ll be a little more in the groove.

I’m happy that my shoulder was not irritated by playing! That’s some good news. But I did ice it last night and will put ice on it again tonight just to be sure.

There was one photo from my brunch with my friend Anne on Sunday that I forgot to share… and I love this photo. That’s me with Finley. She’s my friend’s youngest dog. She’s a pistol and she has a soft spot for me. She had me covered in mud after jumping in the pool and then jumping in my lap…. thirty or forty times!

She’s a Pyrenean Shepherd. You can read a little about the breed here.

The last thing I’ll share tonight is this mammoth strawberry that I picked yesterday! Look at that gorgeous thing!!!

Now if I could just grow more than one at a time…

30 Replies to “Quick Finish For a Birthday Bag”

  1. I absolutely love the blue bag , inside and out ! It inspres me to get back into my sewing room again !
    Coyotes are very creepy, and their howling at night is even creepier !
    Interesting read on the pyr shep , thank you for sharing, great photo of You and Finley !


    1. I live near two different golf courses. I think the coyotes hang out there at night. It’s not uncommon to hear them howling at night time.

      You should get back into your sewing room and make something fun and quick! it would do you a world of good!



  2. I absolutely love the blue bag!
    The colors are stunning and your placement of fabrics is spot on gorgeous.
    I starting playing with my first batch of Kaffe fabrics.
    It’s a challenge – such bright colors
    Will send a picture when I’m further on.

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  3. That strawberry is a heart!

    And Finley – what a sweetie I’ve never heard of Pyrenean Shepherds.

    I like your point about periwinkle. I love blue, but not on me. I should look for some periwinkle in garment fabric.

    Love the bag. When I install the magnetic snap before breakfast this morning, I will have finished my first Klumhouse Naito bag and also my Intermediate Bagmaking class. I love learning and I definitely loved Ellie’s class. (All you Portland area bagmakers know each other, right? 😉)


  4. We have coyotes here too! They have been breeding with dog and the odd wolf and congregate in large packs, which makes them bold and dangerous. It is good to be wary of wildlife as they can be unpredictable.

    The latest bag is beautiful! I love all the little details and your tags are adorable! 🥰

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    1. Well, now I’m feeling pretty happy that we don’t have packs of angry coyote/dog hybrids running around!

      I’m all about the details! They make a big difference in the finished product!



  5. Beautiful blue bag! I’m sure your friend will love it.
    Where do you find your metal zippers? I’ve found an online source but with very limited colors. I’ve mostly been using larger plastic zippers and they’re OK, but I like the look of the metal ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve bought some on etsy from a seller called Zipit. They have a pretty good selection. The black ones I bought were from Amazon. Just search for YKK metal zippers.

      I think the metal zippers make the bag feel a little more high end.



  6. Hi, I am loving your bags and have made several fabric tops. However, the fusible PellonTP971F is $30/meter in Canada. Is there a substitute I could try? Joann’s won’t mail internationally and I can’t wait until next March when I am in Florida again. LOL Thanks in advance for any help????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is that the fleece? You can use any fusible fleece you want or have access to. In fact, it doesn’t have to be fusible. I just like using the fusible because it stayes in place ncely and adds structure to the bag.



  7. We have coyotes here too and mostly I see them early in the morning and before it gets dark.

    Love the bag of course and that dog is so cute!

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  8. Hi, love reading all your thoughts and your “baby pics”! Look forward to them every day.
    I’m curious as to whether you consider yourself out of your creative slump or are you still working on it? I am currently in one and don’t even want to go in my designated room. Any more tips for getting through these episodes?
    Thanks for your fun posts,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think I’m out of it, but I’m coming out of it. I’m starting to think of new projects and getting some new ideas. Slow but sure.

      I’m glad this funk didn’t last as long as the last one!

      I’d say just make something… pick up some scraps… try something new… make some specific notes and plans on what to make next… try a technique you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to…

      I’m going to make some basic big tote bags from some batiks a friend brought me from when she was on vacation. Also planning another frankenbag for a friend.



      1. Looking forward to your take on Batik bags, I love the perwinkle blue bag, my fave color, I’ve been “playing” with Kantha fabric….not sturdy enough for a bag, I I made a komona robe using a kantha quilt from an internet site and a Folkwear pattern for cutting the basic shapes. Love, love, love to sew and see every ones take on life…

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  9. Well, that Strawberry spells summer. Hope more grow. Your finished bag I like it. The colors and the shell affect is really nice. Glad you love your walks and pickle ball supposed to be easier than tennis, so glad you got back to it after injury.. 🦊 the fox who roams at night ….


    1. Pickleball is easier than tennis for several reasons: the court is a lot smaller, the ball is a hard whiffle ball so it doesn’t go as fast or as far, and the rules are constructed to make it a friendly game. i’m really having fun with it!



  10. Would you be able to help me please. My daughter is visiting us at the moment and she has this lovely patchwork bag as shown in the photo. Do you know the name of the patchwork block. I have worked out all the bag measurements and would love to be able to do the pattern, but don’t know it’s name. Many Thanks all the way from New Zealand. Kindest regards Rayna Lusby

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