We Mustered a Little Productivity… But Not Much

I’ve been busy recently. It seems like I don’t have much time in the evenings to spend in my sewing room. Maybe it’s because I’ve been tired and don’t have the stamina to stay in there until 11 at night. Sounds like it’s time for vacation… which IS coming up in a couple weeks! Yay!

So, here’s what I accomplished tonight. I cut out the bag fronts, linings and straps for three shoulder bucket bags.

That’s not much, but it’s something.

I’ve used up almost all of that green and orange batik my co-worker brought me from Africa. I’m going to save what I have left to make a bag for her. That would make a nice holiday gift and I think it’s something she’d use.

I started my day today with a 90 minute meeting that featured a long presentation. So I grabbed my hexes and did a little sewing as the meeting went on. I didn’t get much done but keeping my hands busy helped my head focus.

The stitching on these looked really good! I guess that time away from hexes was good!

Our temps have dropped a little so we’re able to get our evening walk in before it gets dark. There were some really pretty skies again tonight.

I mean come on! Look how miserable Rico is! Poor guy is so dramatic when I ask him to pose for a photo.

But this photo, he was so groggy! He had just woken up and his tongue was stuck like that!

That big old nose is pretty magnificent!

And speaking of sleeping hard…

I was looking at Bender the other day and was amazed at how white his face is getting. He’s really starting to look old. He’s just nine!

Another long meeting to start my day tomorrow. I have my hand sewing on my desk and ready to go.

15 Replies to “We Mustered a Little Productivity… But Not Much”

  1. That photo of Bender and his grey is stunning. Not an angle one often sees, but it reminds me of the ocean some how….the swirls of color. Beauty is everywhere.

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  2. Beautiful happy pups! A dogs nose is like a fingerprint- no two are exactly alike ❤️. My Amira had her senior annual exam. The vet detected some dementia. Not sure how he can tell. But it explains some of her random barking and walking around as if she forgot why she was going in another room 🙃. She is 14 happy yrs old!
    I made one of those quick and easy shoulder bucket bags! I am now planning a new Franken bag!
    I love your hexi’s,

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      1. 💕😆 Thank you – you are funny! I hope your post move goes smoother. Thanks Anne ❤️ I will giver her a Anne squeeze. Looking forward to seeing Pam’s new baby soon ❤️

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  3. You are busy! No matter how white Bender’s face gets he will still be so handsome in my eyes, such a sweetie! We are still busy unpacking. Moving did not go smoothly and we had to pick up the slack. We are too old for this, so tired 😪! Soon we will be ready to get our new rescue 🥰.

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  4. Our border collie went gray in the face at a fairly young age also. Of course it shows up so much because of all the surrounding black hair … not unlike we humans except for the face part unless you are male. . Ha! Our dog was a great dog and she had a great life on a small farm. She sure hated those groundhogs that would show up now and then. We had 3 dogs at the time but she was not one for hugging like the others. She was better mannered though.

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