Yesterday Was About Fun… Today Was About Getting It Done

Since I played yesterday, I really hunkered down today to get my house in order for company next weekend.

After breakfast this morning I took the boys for a nice 4.25 mile walk. The weather report called for drizzle, but it was really more like an occasional mist. It was about 45 degrees. Really perfect weather for a walk!

These boys thought it was a great way to start our Sunday.

As I was walking I thought it felt like a soup day. I love having a pot of soup simmering away on the stove on a cold and wet day. So I went through my pantry and freezer in my head as I walked and I realized I had everything I needed to make a pot of split pea soup. So when I got home I got it done.

I rarely use recipes for the soups I make in the winter. My split pea has yellow split peas, onions, carrots, celery, bay leaves, salt and pepper and a nice meaty pork hock. I simmer it all until the peas are tender. Then I remove the ham, take out the bay leaves (I always make a mental note of how many bay leaves I put in so I can make sure I have them all removed). then I use my immersion blender to puree the soup.

This gives the soup the most amazing creamy texture! Next, I cut up the ham and put it back in the soup. Then I have a nice big bowl!

While my soup was simmering I decided to whip up a jar of pickled onions.

I love having pickled onions on hand. They are really good in tacos, a salad, or a sandwich. I use them all the time and try to always have a jar in the fridge. There are lots of recipes online for pickled onions. If you’ve never made them, you should find a recipe that sounds good and give them a try.

With my soup simmering I got busy on the list I made last night of the things I wanted to get done today. I got three bathrooms cleaned. I changed the sheets in my guest room and got that room all cleaned up and ready for company. I washed and changed the sheets in my room.

With all that done and feeling energized by a nice bowl of soup, I hit my sewing room and finished up the bag I cut out last night.

I just love that fabric.

And some detail love…

Several people asked me about that fabric. I recently purchased a piece at a local quilt store called Pioneer Quilts in Milwaukie, Oregon. They have a website and the fabric is on their site. It’s available in quite a few places online.

Here’s the fabric:

With all that done I had one more thing to get done tonight.

Oregon is completely vote-by-mail and it’s fantastic! I don’t know why all states don’t do it. I love living in a state that actually works to make it easier for its citizens to vote!

I didn’t get this filled out in time to mail it — it has to be received on Tuesday, not mailed on Tuesday. So I’ll drop it off at the drop box near me tomorrow afternoon.

I’m exhausted!!!

21 Replies to “Yesterday Was About Fun… Today Was About Getting It Done”

  1. As a fellow Oregonian, I too appreciate the vote by mail system we have. And thanks for remembering to vote.
    Could you please remind me of the type of muslin you used for some bags?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the black & white with a touch of bright. Will go on line after dinner.

    And lovin’ on your pups. We are down to one from 4. And no kitties now either. If they showed up, we kept them. It went on for years! Our last one left us last year after 19 years. Miss them all! 😥

    Thanks for sharing.

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