A Stressful Work Week is Over

I can’t put my finger on why but it’s been a stressful work week. Several people commented on it. Tomorrow is the Veterans Day holiday so I have the day off.

I’ve also been busy this week getting my house in order for some company this week. I’ve had a list I’ve been chunking away at. I really like having my ouse in good shape but I don’t love housekeeping.

So with the week I’ve had, I haven’t spent any time in my sewing room and I’ve been waiting for the shot cottons I ordered to arrive. So I started a small project that I saw on Instagram a few weeks ago and it looked like it might be quick to do.

So I got online and ordered some products I needed first. Little wooden embroidery hoops.

Once they arrived I dug into my linens and selected this beige variety and dug out my embroidery threads.

A couple of nights ago I went online and found some drawings of snowflakes, selected one I liked, printed it out in the size I need, and started figuring out how to transfer it as a pattern onto a piece of linen.

I used one of my computer monitors as a light table and used a pen to trace the design onto the linen.

Then I slipped the fabric into one of the hoops, selected some embroidery floss and started stitching.

I have two of those containers of embroidery floss. I used to do counted cross stitch when I was in my 30s. I used to really enjoy it, but moved onto different projects. I’ve kept all my blogs because it comes in handy and I do actually use it every now and again. I was relieved the I found it pretty easily.

Here’s the first one I embroidered. I would consider this a half assed attempt. It’s not very good. It makes me feel a little sad.

It looks like my hands were shaking uncrontrollably as I stitched this.

So tonight I used my sliding glass door as a light table and traced another snowflake onto a piece of linen.

Are you surprised to see the bight green paint in my kitchen/dining room? I LOVE that green!!!

Here’s the linen with the design on it, all ready to get stitching.

I approached this second different in how I stitched it. Instead of making each arm of the snowflake one continuous line of stitching I took larger stitches by section… basically going from intersection to intersection. and it looks so much better than the first one.

It’s ok. It’s a little simple but I’m not sure I could successfully pull off something more complicated. And I’m pretty sure I don’t want to.

Here’s the two pieces next to each other so you can see a good comparison.

The bottom one is definitely better.

But, one thing I could fix easily is these drab colors. I also want to s stain the hoop. I think it will look much nicer if it’s darker wood.

I also have some really nice colors of linen that would be more interesting.

I’ll have to decide if I want to cut chunks out of these.

We’ve had some gorgeous weather this week. It’s cleared up and the sun has come out. it’s so gorgeous here in the fall… well, it can be!

And this beautiful Sequoia…

We’ve spend much less time walking in the rain this week.

the next ten days looks really nice.

I’m going to have a bit of an adventure this weekend. I’ve been looking forward to it. More on that later.

22 Replies to “A Stressful Work Week is Over”

  1. i use a clear Rubbermaid type storage tub for a light box. Turn it upside down and place an LED light inside. Use the top (which is actually the bottom) as your table and it works great.
    I enjoy your projects, both bags and quilts. Thnks for sharing directions.

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  2. What gorgeous weather photos you always seem to come up with. Goes with living in Portland I guess. A clean house, a vacation and a new project all in the same week. Yay. I loved the little stuffed Christmas tree pillow ornaments you made a while back. Meant to make some then. Do you have the dimensions avaliable? Can’t seem to find the blog page.
    Not surprised to see the green paint. My dining room and guest bath are that exact color! I find it energizing and soothing at the same time. I’ve repainted most rooms over the last 10 years but can’t let go of this color.


  3. oh dear…don’t tell me you do embroidery as well?! I’m in the same club…hooked on Sue Spargo’s embroidery on wool….I’ve done a number of her Blocks of the Month….quite addicting as she has the most AMAZING threads in every color and texture available on her website. And then there is Arianne Zurcher with her utube videos. It’s such fun to find another soul with such diverse endeavors!

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    1. I don’t embroider much. I love hand work done by others and really appreciate how much work goes into it. I don’t have the patience to learn how to do it well. Plus, it’s really hard on my hands. So I don’t do much. I did used to do a lot of counted cross stitch. No more! I even gave all my gridded fabrics away!

      I love Sue spurge’s work!!!



  4. I love your snowflake on linen! I also do cross stitch have a suggestion for you. Have you considered using beads at certain points in your work? I have found small silvery beads a great embellishment for snowflakes. Stitch on, sister!!

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    1. Love the idea of silvery beads maybe where you french knots are … assuming those are french knots! Also love the white and blue linens. They will make great snow flakes. I am making cross stitched and beaded ornaments for my daughter’s family. I make new and different ones every year for them although the current one I am working on is driving me crazy possibly because my eyes are not as good as they once were. Can’t wait to see your finished snowflakes!

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      1. The beads are a great idea but I’m not sure I want to get that deep into this! I might try more random French knots in the space outside the design to suggest more snowflakes.


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  5. The snowflakes ❄️ are too cute! You have such a beautiful neighborhood, especially that Sequoia! I don’t think they could grow here but would love some😍

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  6. I, too, am a “green” person. Green, to me, is the color of nature. What could be better! Love it. If you love it, you should have it. Color is so important, and you have a great way with it! Enjoy your adventurous weekend!

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    1. the only reason I waffled on painting that room green is that everything here is so green! I wondered if a different color would be better. But I LOVE my green kitchen and dining room!



  7. Since you said you printed the snowflake, if you worked fast, you might have been able to iron the printed side onto your fabric. A black print when coming right off the printer may not always be dry.

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    1. the lines on the snow flake picture I’m using are pretty thick. They wouldn’t be covered by the thread if I printed it on the paper. It doesn’t take Long to trace it.


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