Day Four of a Four-Day Weekend

I really dislike the Sunday of a four-day weekend. There’s something a little melancholy to me about the last day before heading back to work. The more the day passes, the more I feel it. So I’m savoring my last few hours before it’s back to the grind.

I wasn’t terribly productive in my sewing room this weekend. I was VERY productive today outside my sewing room.

After a leisurely breakfast I took the boys out for a nice four-mile walk. It was good for all of us!

When I got home I started stripping beds and washing bedding. I washed four loads of bedding. I washed the sheets on my bed and on the guest bed. Then I had an extra set of sheets from the guest room to wash after having two sets of company a couple weeks ago. The last load was a new set of flannel sheets I bought last spring that I wanted to put on my bed.

Here’s the new sheets. They are Christmas dogs!!!

I love climbing into a bed at night that has fresh sheets on it! And flannel sheets when it’s cold are extra special. I might actually have to go to bed early tonight!

And… I put my newly finished quilt on my bed.

Now I need to make some pillow cases and some curtains!

Once I had laundry going I pulled my turkey out of the fridge and pulled all the meat off the bones and got my stock going for turkey soup.

Turkey soup is one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving leftovers. This smelled so good as it simmered for a few hours. Then I strained it all and put in some noodles and left over turkey scraps.

I got four containers filled and in the freezer and there was a bowl leftover for my evening snack! Mmmm.

I did get into my sewing room at around 8:30 tonight and I pressed and cut the fabrics for six more sets of strips for my woven stripes and shot cottons quilt.

It takes a good amount of time to press and prep these strips. I felt like this little bit of work was quite an accomplishment. I still have a few more shot cottons on their way to me so I’ll wait until I get them to cut more strips. I may start sewing on these later this week.

I am cutting two of each shot cotton as I go.

I have a total of 16 sets of fabrics cut so far.

One thing I love about pressing these fabrics is getting a really good, close look at each one. They are so gorgeous. Look at the colors in this one… and the color variation in each stripe. It’s just so amazing!

While I was up in Battleground, WA, yesterday for Rico’s sheep herding lesson, I met a friend for a field romp with the dogs. I got to meet her teeny tiny puppy, Robbie. He’s a Phalene breed. Basically, a floppy eared Papillon.

I just loved him! He’s crazy tiny… only about 7 lbs at 7 months old. He won’t get much bigger. He is really spirited and a little pistol! It will be fun to watch him grow up and take on some exciting dog sports!

A lot of this goes on when it’s rainy. They want some action!

It’s a good thing they’re always game for a nice cool walk.

18 Replies to “Day Four of a Four-Day Weekend”

  1. My desert island discs luxury ( do you have this on the radio?) would be a bundle of fresh bedding as it’s my favourite thing getting into freshly laundered, ironed sheets!
    Stripes/shots looking good, Anne. And that quilt in your bed! Yummy.
    Have a good week. I’m off for cuddles with my baby granddaughter. X

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  2. Yes! Fresh sheets are the best! Yes, I need to get out more but I take my thrills where I can find them🤭! Your flannel sheets are so cute and LOVE your quilt! You made me hungry with the turkey soup. Hugs to the boys ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your boys look so ready for any adventure. They are sweet. It
    s interesting how we all can have different post turkey customs. Like you we are quick to remove the bones, and set them to simmer, but noodles don’t find their way into our pot. It’s potatoes, carrots, onions, summer savory, and when it is ready to eat, there are hungry mouths ready to savour the finished soup. The quilt on the bed is such a happy one, and I love the new flannels.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My family tradition was always home made noodles, but I don’t go to the trouble of making them every year. But they are soooo good! I like to freeze some of the soup I make too and potatoes don’t freeze well.

      I’m sleeping really well under my new quilt!



  4. Your bed quilt makes me feel joyful, it is so beautiful.
    You are an inspiration
    The shot cotton colours are so rich, I can hardly wait to see them in a quilt

    Liked by 1 person

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