Original Layout It Is

I decided that I’m going with the original layout for my starburst blocks. So I hit the sewing room after dinner and tossed all the blocks up on my design walls.

Here’s where they are without any adjustment.

Have to use my additional design my retractible wall isn’t big enough to handle all these blocks.

I pinned on the far right and top row of the blocks on the portable board so they won’t fall off when I move the board.

I have to move that board because it’s covering the door to my sewing room

I think I have enough blocks to finish this quilt. I might have to make one or two. I was too tired tonight to figure it out tonight.

I have a few blocks that aren’t quite big enough to square up to 8.5 inches. So I’m going to have to add an additional strip of fabric to each one.

I think I might have exactly the number I need. That would be nice. I will probably start sewing this bad boy together tomorrow.

Here’s a close up view of these blocks. They’re really pretty!

After breakfast this morning and before our walk I threw a batch of tomato basil soup into the crock pot.

I made sure I sprung for the good quality tomatoes.

It smelled really good as it simmered away all day.

I had some for dinner and it was really tasty. Here’s the recipe. I doctored it a little.

After I finished up in my sewing room tonight I found Rico sound asleep on the sofa.

I think I disturbed him.

I’m going to go and play some indoor pickleball at a middle school tomorrow. I went there last Sunday and it was pretty good.

17 Replies to “Original Layout It Is”

  1. Anne, love the soon to assembled quilt top. So vibrant! The soup looks good. Tomato basil is a favorite around here. I’ve never made it in the crock pot, but I’m going to try your recipe for sure.
    Be careful with that Pickle Ball. My BIL just introduced my husband to it and he immediately fell and fractured his collarbone! Looks like he’ll be wearing a sling for the next couple of months. Bummer as he is my quilter.

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    1. I try to be careful. I feel like the risk of injury is worth all the fun and exercise!

      I love soup in a crock pot simmering away. But you could easily make this recipe on the stove.



  2. Your blocks are lovely! I just ordered a few half yards of the Sunburst print in different color ways. I had put it off due to price and limited selection. But I just went ahead when I found several different ones.
    Thanks for soup recipe-I look forward to trying it.

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    1. You’re lucky to find any of that sunburst fabric at all! After I started making these blocks a few years ago (yes, this has been unfinished too long!) I fell in love with the starburst and purchased some in every color I could find. At that time it wasn’t as pricey as it is now. But I am stingy with how I use it, knowing it’s so hard to find.



  3. Really love the original layout! It just keeps the eye moving without being distracting. Colors are well balanced with no really light or dark spots. Will you be using Millefiore for setting triangles or sunburst blocks? Love Tomato Basil, I will have to try that recipe. We had Carrot Ginger soup yesterday.

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    1. I’ll use the milefiore for the setting triangles. Plus, I’ll put some borders on… I have a plan!

      The soup was really good. And it’s nice to have some in the freezer too!



      1. Love making big batches of soup and freezing it. Did that with the Carrot Ginger soup so we had it 4 times and the ginger became more intense with each batch. I always have a plan too for the quilts in my head, but sometimes things change(LOL). Either circumstances ( mis-cut/sew), aesthetics, or creativity make changes. What are you using for a border?

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      2. Border will be the wine lotus leaf… same as the setting triangles. Going to keep is simple to let the blocks be the star.

        My plans are always changing for the things I make. It’s good to stay open to unexpected paths!



    1. The best thing about these blocks is that they don’t take much effort on the design wall. I’m watching as I go along to keep like sunbursts apart and paying attention to color and fabrics, but I think I won’t have to do much adjusting.

      That Rico is pretty sweet!



  4. That’s going to be another gorgeous quilt! Oh, how you inspire me – all the way from Missouri! Freezing rain starts at midnight, followed. By more and snow showers tomorrow and Tuesday.

    I’m definitely making your tomato soup recipe in the morning – planning to do some sewing, too!

    You’re THE best! Cheryl

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    1. It’s cold here and today was very sunny. fingers crossed for your ice storm. I do hate ice storms!

      The soup was really good! made me wish I had frozen some of my garden tomatoes!

      Thanks for reading!!!



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