Almost Ready to Start Sewing Again

I finished the Jumble Starburst quilt top about a week ago. It wore me out. I’ve had a nice break and am feeling like I’m ready to hit my sewing room again. My plan is that I will dig in on the borders for the original starburst quilt tomorrow night.

It’s on my cutting table and ready to go.

Just take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous Kaffe Fassett design and color way.

GAH!!! So luscious!

As far as new projects go, I’ve been thinking about one particular quilt for a few months. This quilt was made by Barb who is @beeschip1 on Instagram. You can check her out on Instagram here. I’ve shared photos of Barb’s Frankenbags on my blog. She also makes some really beautiful and beautifully made quilts. You should definitely take a minute to check out her creations on Instagram.

She made this beauty on the Wensleydale pattern from Jen Kingwell’s Quilt Recipes book. It’s basically a rectangle in a rectangle.

I just love this quilt. All those gorgeous blues with pops of color. Here’s another view of the full quilt.

Isn’t it funny how certain quilts will just stay with you. I’ve thought of this quilt often and find myself going back to Barb’s instagram page every now and again to look at her photos.

I love the way the dark and light values of the blues play together. Here’s a bit of a close up.

Barb paper pieced these blocks. And that would be how I would do them too. But that’s not the only way to make them.

Barb recommended to me several months ago that tracing paper makes great paper piecing templates. I purchased some the paper but have never gotten around to using it. I will use for these blocks when I get around to making them.

I have more fabric than I need, but I don’t have a breadth of fabric. I have a decent collection of KFC fabrics. I have a modest collection of Australian Aboriginal fabrics. And I have a collection of batiks. There are a few other things in my stash but they don’t amount to much.

So as I thought about what to use for the blues on my quilt, my mind went to my batiks. So I dug out my bin of blue batiks to see what I have. I purchased some indigo batiks a few years ago with a specific plan in mind but never got around to making it.

There are one or two light or medium toned indigos in there, but I’m really missing lighter value options. So I stopped at a quilt store in Vancouver, WA, yesterday after Rico’s herding lesson. It’s a pretty little store called Fiddlesticks. They alway have a lovely collection of batiks and the owner is really friendly. I haven’t been there for awhile and it was fun to drop in.

I bought a few batiks while I was there. Most of these are intended for this rectangle quilt. Some of them were in my shopping bag just because they’re really pretty.

In looking closely at Barb’s quilt, you can see that there is a lot of variety of blues in there… with pops of other colors here and there.

My plan is to use Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics in the center rectangles. I might throw in some Aboriginal fabrics just to keep it really eclectic.

I’ll probably give myself a little time to think about these blue fabrics before I dig in. Just what I need… another project!

While I was at the fabric store I noticed she had this pattern.

It’s complete with all the paper piecing templates you need to construct this small quilt.

I’ve been wanting to make a wall hanging from this pattern for quite a few years. I’ve found the pattern for sale on the internet but never pulled the trigger on buying it. So I decided to support my local store and had her ring it up. My plan is to make this from lovely KFC fabrics.

My friend Karin, who taught me how to paper piece a few years ago, made this one for her sewing room.

Isn’t that wonderful!!! Her’s is around 60×60 inches. My pattern is for a 30×30 inch version, which will be sufficient for my small sewing room. This will be a nice challenge for me but I think I have the skills to pull it off.

Didn’t do much of anything too exciting this weekend. Saturday was a gorgeous and mostly sunny day. You can tell it’s warm from those tongues!

That was our late afternoon walk and it was over 60 degrees! The boys also got a nice field run after Rico’s herding lesson.

After a late breakfast and a lovely walk this morning I headed off for a few hours of pickleball. I’m tired tonight and not ready for the work week.

27 Replies to “Almost Ready to Start Sewing Again”

  1. Good morning we had a cold snap ( in Fla ) in the 50s so I decided to make another Franken bag,this time using my stash of crumbs and a July 4th theme, I just went to Insta to check out your friend wow amazing what an artist ! Her quilts are amazing ! Now for yours what can I say ,I don’t know how you find the time but you are my inspiration. It seems just as I get started Monday rears it’s head again but now with the days longer I have more time ,have a great week !


  2. Oh, I can’t wait! I also love the Wensleydale quilt. I have the paper, filled in my stash with more goodies. I am going to pal up with you, and sew along. Cool beans!

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  3. What a great quilt. I’ve never seen a rectangle in a rectangle before. Novel to me so I’m looking forward to this especially in blues which I seem too gravitate to quite often. Who doesn’t love supporting their local quilt shop?!
    Never heard to use tracing paper for piecing. That would tear away soooo easily. Does it feed through the printer? Maybe not very well. I’ve used an inexpensive yellow legal pad from walmart for paper for piecing. It was thick enough to feed through printer but torn away very easily.

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    1. Just remembered… I purchased a ream of news print paper a few years ago that I use for my paper piecing template. It works really well and goes through the printer nicely.

      maybe I’ll like the tracing paper better.



      1. Well that’s a couple of new ideas I will for sure try. I actually have some newsprint on hand. In case tracing paper feed well! Thanks.

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      2. Even thought I just bought the papers for the Wensleydale quilt I’m going to try using the tracing paper. I’m curious to see how it works. I have a feeling it won’t leave as much stuff behind as the newsprint does.



  4. love the idea of using your colorful fabrics on the Wensleydale quilt. I fell in love with that pattern also and I’m busy getting fabrics ready to take to a quilt retreat. It’s a Jen Kingwell pattern from her book Quilt Recipes. Great book! Check it out of your local library if you want to preview it.

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    1. I’ve looked at the book online and didn’t really want to buy it, but found out that the paper piecing templates are available for sale. I found them online today and have ordered a set!


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  5. The blue quilt is beautiful. I am taking a paper piecing course later in April. I am lucky enough to be out of CT and on vacation in SC where there is a local quilt shop with aboriginal fabrics. I plan to stop in and add to my stash. I love your posts.

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    1. I love paper piecing. I don’t do a ton of it but it’s a really fun method, for me. I’m really fortunate that my friend gave me such a good foundation in it.

      I’m glad you get to see some of the Australian Aboriginal fabrics in person They’re pretty amazing!



  6. Sticking to the stash fabrics…

    It looks like you could combine the zigzag and the paisley (love that one) for the back of the jumble quilt. Perhaps add a touch of a solid color in there to create better definition between the zigzag and paisley.

    And, yeah, Bender’s pic is in the dictionary next to cuteness!

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    1. I already went online and purchased some fabric for a backing on sale.

      I hate making backings and the idea of piecing one is something that makes me stressed! I’ll use these fabrics for something else!



  7. I made twinkle star this past year and will show it this weekend in the artisan show here in Arizona. I had it custom quilted.

    Sent from Margaret’s IPad


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  8. Sounds like a nice weekend, especially with the sunshine!

    Lotus Leaf is one on my favorite KFC prints! I love all the colorways and the wine works beautifully with the original starburst quilt. I have mad a quilt out of the Purple and have the Contrast to make another quilt that is still forming in my head.

    What back are you using on this one?


    1. I had originally intended to use this lotus leaf as the backing to my first sunburst quilt. But I dreaded piecing the backing after all that work on the top so purchased a wide backing instead. I’ve been chopping away at this piece for the setting triangles so now only have four yards left. I’ll used more of it for the additional borders. I’m sure I’ll find another use for this over time. I twill probably find itself as a lining for a bag some day.



      1. Oh darn, more leftovers! 😅 Always fun to have bits and pieces. I really try to use wide backing as much as possible. I do really hate piecing the back, but if I have , I have to.

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  9. Thanks for sharing the luscious KF fabric 😊. Sometimes it’s good to take some time enjoying the whole beauty before cutting into it!
    Gorgeous quilt your friend Barb made. That would be on my bucket list for when I get better at it!
    Happy Bender and Rico 🥰

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    1. I really enjoy cutting fabric for a quilt. I think it’s because it’s an opportunity to really just look at the design and put my hands on it. it’s all so luscious!



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