A Perfect Delivery and Cutting, Cutting, Cutting

The sale fabric I ordered for the backing for my jumble sunburst quilt a couple of weeks ago was finally delivered to my doorstep this afternoon. And it’s absolutely perfect!

I sort of took a leap of faith when I ordered this online. I pulled the photo up on my computer and held it next to this quilt top and it seemed like it would work. This quilt top really needed something deep and saturated with lots of red.

That leap of faith was definitely worth it. I just love this!!! I’m so glad I didn’t settle for any of the other options I considered. Extra cool that I got it on sale.

It was a very dreary and rainy day today. I had a day full of meetings and didn’t get outside at all until after dinner tonight. It had stopped raining and was quite balmy outside. I’m always a little surprised that I can walk three miles on an evening like that and not see one other person out walking. It’s such a perfect time to be out and about.

I had dinner sort of late tonight so started our evening walk late. So I didn’t have a lot of time left to get any sewing done. But I did get some stuff done.

I decided that I wanted to get a good number of pieces cut for my Wensleydale blocks so I hunkered down and started cutting.

I went through all my blue batiks and grabbed a pile that aI want to start cutting on for variation. It will be fun to see some of that color start showing up in the blocks.

I cut up some of the pieces left over from the other day and cut up a couple of new pieces too.

I got enough cut for at least fourteen blocks.

I still need to combine them into 14 different “kits” for blocks. I also need to dig into my KFC scraps and cut the pieces for the centers of the blocks. I’ll do that tomorrow night and maybe get a couple of blocks sewn.

Spring keeps trying to poke its head out but it just can’t make it. My flowering pears are so close to blooming. I keep thinking any day now but winter just doesn’t want to leave.

I saw my first Hyacinth yesterday.

The azaleas are starting bloom too. So are the camellias. This one is absolutely covered in blooms!

I’m counting down to lambs. One more work day and then I’ll be up to my neck in spring lambs! I can’t wait! My friend already has 52 lambs born! There are 20 more ewes that are pregnant. Fingers crossed for brand new lambs on Thursday and Friday.

22 Replies to “A Perfect Delivery and Cutting, Cutting, Cutting”

  1. Completed my first frankenburg zipper placket. Took 2 days to figure it out. Granddaughter painted a pic, I had it made into fabric, then into Frankenburg for her to take to college. Next one should only take 2 hrs!
    Love reading your end of the day thots right before I go to sleep.

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  2. I too love the backing Anne. And just so you know, you have spring already. We had snow yesterday, just the farmers snow, but snow none the less. Thanks for sharing those spring like pictures with us. i love them. Makes me know that it will eventually get to us.


  3. Great fabric choice. Agree on the strong red compliment to all the B&W jumble on the front. Gosh your flowers and trees in neighborhood are envious. Thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed for lots of babies while you’re lambing.🤞 Have fun.

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  4. I’m a new follower…a quilter and animal lover (especially dogs) so I love the combination of news and pics that you post. And that backing IS perfect!

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