One More Sleep Until Lambs!

I’m so excited to see lambs tomorrow! it looks like the weather is going to be good, but all my rain gear is in the car just in case. So I have to go to bed earlier tonight. So here’s quick post.

After a dreary wet day yesterday, today was gorgeous! I had my sliding door open for a few hours this afternoon. I love that first day in the spring when you can leave the door open.

What a glorious spring day! It felt so good!

The skies tonight were pretty spectacular too.

More signs of spring popping up everywhere around my neighborhood. Forsythia are in full bloom now. the azaleas are just starting to bloom. Daffodils are pretty much everywhere. Mine are just starting to open.

After work tonight I hit my sewing room and cut the KFC centers for a bunch of Wensleydale blocks.

After our evening walk and getting a few things ready for my day of lambs tomorrow, I sewed three more Wensleydale blocks.

I didn’t have time to pull the papers off tonight so I pinned them up on the design wall with the other blocks.

I just love these multiple diamond patterns that are emerging. It will be fun to see what it looks like when it’s done.

So I have 12 blocks. I’m thinking I want 48 so I’m 1/4 done! And I’m loving where this is going.

I was thinking about my new backing fabric for my jumble starburst quilt. I’m going to have to sew a strip of something between the two sections of fabric in order for it to be big enough. So I thought some bright color of jumble would work. So I think this will be it.

I have a fun little addition to my back yard tonight. I saw these little mason jar lights at a friend’s place the other night and fell in love with them. The solar panel is built into the lid and the lights are a string of led lights on wire.

I got them on Amazon and there were 10 in the package. I’m going to need to pick up some mason jars. Don’t have enough of that size.

It just makes me happy to look outside and see these bright lights in the dark.

That’s it for me. Just a few hours to lambs!

15 Replies to “One More Sleep Until Lambs!”

  1. Love those lights so might have to get some. Have a solar bird feeder, with crackled colored glass, so pretty. Growing up we had sheep, so know about lambing time Your life reminds me of my growing up years. Pretty dogs.

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    1. I’m really loving those lights! It’s so fun to see them come on every night when it gets dark.

      I grew up in a small town but this is all still very new to me! But I love it.



  2. Your excitement is contagious! Now I feel excited about Spring too though we show almost no signs of it here in central Wyoming.
    Happy lambing! They are so freaking adorable.

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  3. Quilts are looking great, love the new one and love the backing idea for the other. You make me feel guilty, I don’t accomplish nearly as much as you do.

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  4. Oh, those Wensleydale blocks are just spectacular! Combination of Blue Batiks with Kaffe Fasset – what a novel idea! I love it. Have a wonderful weekend!

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