Ooh. A Little Bit of Color!

A couple of the blue batiks I purchased recently for my Wensleydale quilt had a little more color in them than the rest of the blue batiks I have. I’ve been itching too see them in blocks.

Since I cut enough of the blue batiks the other night to make 18 blocks, I dug in tonight and divided them all into kits and added KFC scraps.

Then I dug in and made two more blocks… just because I wanted to see how they looked with the pops of color.

That really is a deep indigo background behind the green paisley of that first one. And I love it! And I have to say, I LOVE that diamond shape in the light blues, aquas and purples on the right! It glows!

Hmmm. Maybe I’ve been working with blues too long. I’m craving color!

Let’s see how that looks with the other blocks.

Both new blocks are in there… can you see them? Center column, second from the bottom and second from the top.

Here’s a closer look. Ooh. That pop of green is really nice!

I’m pretty happy with how they look. Interesting to see how it looks with more pops of that color here and there. I guess I’d better get sewing!

My friend who visited in January (we made her Aboriginal 16 patch together) send me photos of the snow she got at her house in Salt Lake City a couple of days ago… two feet of snow in one day!

They’ve had so much snow this winter! My friend is ready for spring… even more ready than I am!

Here’s Bender’s brother, in the back, and Rico’s half brother, in the front, enjoying the snow! Dogs do love snow!

I would love to have this for about 30 minutes and then I’d be done with it!

For now, I’d like some sun instead of all the rain we have coming up.

35 Replies to “Ooh. A Little Bit of Color!”

  1. Boy this Wensleydale quilt is turning into quite the project. Do you plan on adding more green/color? I assume so. It’s a good look. Boy your friend with the 2 feet of snow, wow. We’ve had very little snow in Northern Illinois this year. I would have liked more but I’m now ready for green and flowers which are very slow coming. We seem to be stuck in limbo as far as new growth.

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    1. there will be at least six blocks with that green in them. There’s also enough left over for a few more blocks. So there will be pieces of that green here and there.



  2. I do like the new blocks, your batiks with more colors work great. I lived with snow for 5 years (like your friend does) in Idaho. Not my cup of tea at all. I’m a sandals wearing kind of gal with sleeveless dresses. Those dogs look so much like your sweet boys.

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  3. Rico’s half brother sure looks like Rico! Super cute ❤️.
    Ooh lala! I love that dark green paisley in the mix! You sure have patience with all that small paper piecing! It is looking beautiful. I signed up for BOM at a local quilt store. They are using Tim Holtz bright and cheerful colors – right up my ally 😊

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  4. Loving this quilt and the pop of green. I ordered the foundation papers. Just couldn’t talk myself out of it 😊. I live in Florida and enjoy seeing pictures of snow.

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  5. Like the new colors , the contrast is great . Gosh I feel your friends need for sparing , I’m in Logan and we had 45 inches in 4 days it’s been an adventure.

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    1. I went to school at USU. I’m familiar with those Cache Valley winters! I still have friends there and have been watching the crazy winter!

      We all need spring!



  6. I really like the touch of green, gives the eye a little tweak of contrast. This is looking really nice.

    Our South Carolina weather is as strange as can be….we’re having the hottest day in 2023 today, 87 degrees and Saturday it’s projected to be 55 degrees, 60 on Easter Sunday. Both perfect for piecing inside in cool air or warm!

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    1. Thanks! I do like those little pops of color and pattern. Makes it all much more dynamic and interesting.

      Crazy weather. I don’t want 87 degrees yet, but I should love a few sunny days at 60 degrees!



  7. Love the bright colors in the blocks. Does your friend breed border collies? Bender and Rico’s brothers 🥰 maybe they could come with her if she drives out next time ☺️

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    1. My friend does not breed border collies. We have a friend who has bred all these dogs. Really great dogs! My friend owned Bender’s father.

      She used to drive out here with her dogs every year around Labor Day and spend a couple of weeks. the pandemic ended that and it’s hard to get back into it.



  8. I live in Layton which is north of Salt Lake. I am done with the snow also. It just keeps coming and coming. Lots of snow in the mountains. Last I heard it was 780 ft. Flooding for sure when it all starts melting.

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    1. I was born in Ogden. Lived in Utah until I moved to Portland in 2010. I know that area well.

      I hope you mean 780 inches, and not 780 feet!!!

      Hoping it warms up slowly there.



  9. Anne,

    I just got a new purse that looks a bit like one of your beautiful Wensleydale blocks! I got the pack of foundation papers you mentioned… now to pick fabrics.

    Lisa Smith

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  10. One of our Elkhounds used to love running her nose through the snow on our walks! She looked so goofy! I have loved the Wensleydale quilt since I first saw it, but I will live vicariously through your making of it- too many other projects in line. I do like the pops of color and I love paisleys.

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